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Hamas : Terror Forced Israel from Gaza

September 20, 2005
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“The rockets have liberated the Gaza Strip. These rockets have expelled the Israeli occupation and driven it to demolish the houses of the settlers before retreating. The Jews are leaving the Gaza Strip because of the strikes of the resistance, and not as a result of negotiations.”

“Occupation is ended only by resistance, and not by negotiations. This is what the experience had proved. [Israel] had unilaterally said that it wanted to withdraw, instead of negotiations.”  – Hamas spokesman Sami Abu Zuhri August 9, 2005.

“The withdrawal is the fruit of the intifada, the resistance, and the sacrifices of thousands of martyrs, wounded, prisoners, and deportees. Every Palestinian must feel that he contributed to the liberation of our lands. The will of the Palestinian people has triumphed over the ruling gangs and extremists in Israel.” -Jailed Fatah leader Marwan Barghouti

Editor’s note: Public opinion polls conducted over the past year show that a majority of Palestinian Arabs agree with Abu Zuhri and view anti-Jewish terrorism as the deciding factor in getting Israel out of Gaza.

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