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Friendly Firefighting: Israel Returns Favor to Help Cyprus

August 4, 2016

by: Joshua Spurlock

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Israeli and Cypriot firefighting teams

Photo: Israel Embassy, Cypress

Six years ago, with Israel’s Carmel Forest ablaze and the Jewish state needing help, Cyprus sent their lone firefighting aircraft to assist. When Cyprus faced their own blaze in June, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu ordered three Israeli firefighting aircraft to join efforts to put out the blaze, which was already the biggest in recent years in CyprusNetanyahu noted that the Israeli aircraft were in Cyprus less than 24 hours after the fire began. “This is part of the regional arrangement we have made with Cyprus and Greece about emergency assistance,” said Netanyahu. “I am pleased that we are able to extend this assistance.”

Cyprus sent their lone aircraft to Israel in 2010; now Israel can return the favor—and they were glad, and quick to do it.

Source: Excerpt of article from The Mideast Update

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