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Breathtaking Mosaic

February 10, 2016
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D216_p9_1The Israel Antiquities Authority (IAA) revealed for the first time another hidden treasure located in the city of Lod: a breathtaking Roman-era mosaic dating back nearly 2,000 years. The archaeological find was uncovered by chance during the construction of the visitor center for the famous “Lod Mosaic,” believed to have served as the living room floor in a villa some 1,700 years ago and considered one of the most spectacular in the country.

According to the IAA’s director of the excavation, Dr Amir Gorzalczany, the most recent mosaic discovery was revealed late in 2014 during excavations in Lod’s Neve Yerek neighborhood. This area, Dr Gorzalczany explained, used to be “part of a neighborhood of affluent houses that stood here during the Roman and Byzantine periods.”

The newest find includes an 11 x 13 meter [36 x 42 ft] mosaic that served as the courtyard pavement of the magnificent villa that had the “Lod Mosaic” as its living room floor. The artwork depicts colorful images of hunting and hunted animals, fish, flowers in a basket, vases and birds. “The quality of the images portrayed in the mosaic indicates a highly developed artistic ability,” Dr Gorzalczany explained.



Source: Excerpts of article by Ilse Posselt, Bridges for Peace

Photo Credit: Ashernet/IAA

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