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Agricultural Production Jumps

August 8, 2005
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The value of agricultural production in 2004 rose to NIS 17.9 million (US $4 million), 11% more than in 2003. The value of fruit and vegetable production reached NIS 10.9 million (US $2.5 million), with animal husbandry following at NIS 7 million (US $1.6 million).

Agricultural exports have also risen at an even faster pace. Exports in 2004 were up by 31.1% over 2003, despite a 1.2% overall decline in price.

An old food staple, the potato, registered the biggest rise in agricultural exports. Almost twice as many Israeli potatoes were exported in 2004 compared to 2003, due to bad weather in Europe.

In some cases, however, dramatic rises in agricultural production have been met by rapidly falling prices. A 60% jump in the apricot crop has led to a drop of 47% in its price. Potatoes fared better, however, with a 37% rise in production and only a 2% drop in price.

Conversely, some agricultural items showed declining production with rising prices. Barley production dropped by 23%, with its price rising by 48%. A 17% drop in the production of Valencia oranges brought its price up by 16%.

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