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Advanced Cell Therapy for Chronic Wounds

October 10, 2011
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Dr. Shirvan said that CureXcell was unique in several ways. “We believe that we have the most comprehensive approach to the problem of chronic wounds, showing a very significant reduction of the mortality rate in patients with deep sternal wound infections and a markedly improved healing rate for severe pressure ulcers,” he said.

The human body's amazing ability to repair itself is a very complicated process. “There are several stages in the body's self-repair process, and the first one – the inflammatory stage – is where many chronic wounds get hung up,” Dr Shirvan explained.

A few decades ago, researchers discovered the efficacy of various substances, like collagen and growth factors, for helping the natural healing process. But what works to treat one wound may not work for another.

CEO of MacroCure,
Dr. Michael Shirvan
“We decided that a product that could deal with a wide variety of wounds was needed,” said Dr Shirvan. And that's the approach of CureXcell. Instead of fabricating artificial replacements for the required chemicals, CureXcell uses what until not long ago was considered a waste product: the white blood cells extracted when an individual donates blood.

“We add the full complement of various cells that produce the cell messenger and growth factor molecules that might be missing as the body attempts to repair the wound, so if any of the necessary elements are missing, we have it covered,” Dr Shirvan said. “Our rate of success in patients treated in Israel shows that this product works and is safe.”

“Today, doctors only infuse red blood cells and plasma when they give blood transfusions, and the white blood cells are not typically used. But that is where the core capacity of the body's ability to repair wounds is located,” he said. ”Besides helping cure chronic wounds for patients, which can lead to a reduction in amputations and even save lives, we save money for health-care providers and systems.” For more information: www.macrocure.com; +972-3-92305556

Source: Excerpts of an article by David Shamah, www.israel21c.org

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