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You Are The Potter – I Am The Clay

Early in the morning, a prophet made his way out of the Potsherd Gate of the city of Jerusalem heading to the house of Yonadav the potter. With quick pace he took the trail churned to fine dust by the hoofs of thousands of sheep and goats to where the Valley of Ben Hinnom and the Valley Kidron intersect. The two valleys cradle Jerusalem in their arms on the east and west, meet, and then head southeast carrying runoff water to the Dead Sea.

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How Well Do You Worship God?


The worship of the Lord involves much more than going to a service where we sing some songs and hear the preaching of the Word. Worshipping God is a lifestyle that encompasses our whole being, day in and day out – what we say, what we do, and most importantly, how we do it. Yeshua (Jesus) addressed the issue of “how” we practice our faith in Matthew 6 where He discussed giving, prayer and fasting.

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