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The Long Road Home

Teaching Letter

Christian Zionism in the New Testament

Some years ago I sat listening as Rabbi Ari Abramowitz, a great friend of Bridges for Peace, explained to our group, “Naturally, Jews focus on Jewish Zionism and Christians focus on Christian Zionism, but there’s really one Zionism for all of us to focus on, and that’s biblical Zionism.” My heart was stirred that day

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Israel, Light and Blessing to the World

In the fall of 2015, Bridges for Peace was privileged to host over 100 people for our annual solidarity mission. As we traveled the country and met with Jewish people from all walks of life, we were encouraged to see how the presence of Christians in the Land during a time of rising violence brought

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Seal My Heart

The story of Jeremiah just before the destruction of Jerusalem is so filled with mystery, violence, attempted murder and intrigue that today it would likely be labeled a thriller. But thrillers are usually fiction, and this story is most definitely true. Archaeologists have unearthed the proof. The Destruction of Jerusalem For years, the prophet Jeremiah

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What Did That Parable Really Mean?

My husband is an Israeli tour guide, and he says that parables are stories taught while on the road. I can certainly imagine Yeshua (Jesus) telling stories as He walked with His disciples. Generally, when we think of parables we think of Yeshua’s use of them. However, He did not invent the parable. It was

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All We Need Is Love

The ability to communicate through spoken and written language is a remarkable gift God has given to mankind. However, that very language can sometimes diminish our understanding rather than enhance it. Take, for instance, the word love. For students of the Bible, there is no word that is more important. Although there are others that

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From Mourning to Dancing, The Season of Joy

Everyone loves a good party, and for the Jewish people, the holiday of Sukkot (Feast of Tabernacles) starts the year off with just that. It’s a time to sleep under the stars, eat outside instead of in and invite people you know, and even people you don’t, to join you for joyous times of food

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It’s About Time

We are living in perilous times just as foretold in 2 Timothy 3; the sickness of these days is clearly evident. Recently we have seen the P5+1 (US, Russia, China, France, UK and Germany), representing more than half the world’s population, make an agreement with Iran. This seems ludicrous in the face of their continued

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A Call to Repent

As I write this Israel Teaching Letter my heart is heavy. On every side we are bombarded with evidence of how far we are from God’s perfect plans for our world. The morality of the western world seems to be in free fall. Financially, the world is rocking, with nations like Greece on the verge

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When God Hides His Face

Recently my wife, Robbie, and I stopped to order takeaway on our way home one evening. While we were waiting for our burgers, the young rabbi working at the counter engaged us in conversation. He asked us where we were from and we told him we lived in the neighborhood. “How long do you plan

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Living in Community

When I first began learning Hebrew, my teacher continually had to correct my prepositions and conjunctions because I always set single-letter words apart from the words they were modifying or connecting. What I learned at last was that no Hebrew letter ever stands alone. If it’s a single syllable, it is either connected to what

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