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A Light in the Darkness in 2023

Life in Israel

Unexpected Illumination

November 21, 2005

On the corner of Rachel Imeinu and Yotam (a little-known street in my German Colony neighborhood in Jerusalem) stands a bustling, ultra-Orthodox yeshivah (religious school). The yeshivah is three blocks from my apartment, and I stroll past it nearly every day. As I pass the echoing stone walls and vented windows, I hear the students and their rabbis deeply engaged in activity. In the morning, I hear them praying. At noon I hear them debating Torah (Genesis–Deuteronomy). But best of all, in the evenings, I hear the students singing in chorus, and their haunting refrains permeate the otherwise quiet Jerusalem nights.

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From My Heart…

October 3, 2005

The International Board of Bridges for Peace announces the appointment of Rebecca Brimmer as our chief executive officer (CEO).

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“Early Will I Seek Thee”

September 20, 2005

Every morning on the bus, I watch a variety of observant Jewish women reading from their tiny personal prayer books. As part of their daily routine, these women softly read aloud from prescribed portions of the Psalms, which serve to focus them on God and help them honor Him at the beginning of each day.

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The Dead Sea Is it really Dead?

September 20, 2005

You have probably heard at least one preacher give a sermon on tithing. I’ve heard a lot of them. Some are fun, others are interesting, and some contain errors. I won’t try to correct all of the errors or repeat all of the goodies. But I will try to correct one erroneous message I’ve heard and give an alternative, which will allow the same sermon to be preached without that error.

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Why I’m Moving to Israel

March 14, 2005

When I tell people I spent the last year of my life studying abroad in Israel, they usually look at me funny and respond politely. When I tell them I'm planning to move there permanently, the flabbergasted look on their faces demands an explanation.

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