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Snorkeling in Eilat: a Rookie’s Perspective

“It’s going to be hot.” That’s what everyone told me when I packed my bags for a short weekend trip down to the southernmost tip of Israel. After all, my friends and I were traveling in the dead heat of summer, traversing the southern desert on the road trip equivalent to a jaunt through an

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Jerusalem is one of the oldest inhabited cities on earth and for most of its long history it has been contained within the walled Old City. However, in 1860 the first Jewish neighborhood, Mishkenot Sha’ananim—Hebrew for peaceful habitation—was built outside those ancient walls. In the ensuing 150 years, the city has continued to expand its

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Yom Kippur War—42 Years Later

6 October 1973 dawned without a hint of the perils to come. It was the Day of Atonement—or Yom Kippur in Hebrew—the holiest day on the Jewish calendar. And the people of Israel observed it the way their fathers and their fathers’ fathers did for countless generations—prostrated in fasting and prayer. Since sundown the night

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Restoring Paradise: Introducing Biblical Species Back to the Land

 It was 1978 and the streets of Tehran echoed with the sounds of gunshots and wild mobs screaming, “Death to America! Death to Israel!” Iran was reeling under a volatile political inferno, soon to explode into the full-blown Islamic Revolution. Trying to dodge angry demonstrators and stray bullets, a lone man hurried through the streets,

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Tastes of Jerusalem

There are many sights in the Promised Land that capture your heart like nowhere else on earth. The flag of Israel unfurling against the white stones of the Western Wall, the silhouette of ancient fishing boats, bobbing hazily on the Sea of Galilee and the tiny cobbled streets weaving through Jerusalem’s Old City have all

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Fascinating Facts About Israel and the Jewish People

Israel is an amazing country. As you peruse the pages of this magazine, you may discover things about this incredible place that you might not have known. You may be surprised as you learn about the size of the country, the prophecies God is fulfilling here in our lifetime, the beauty and majesty of the

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Snow Day in Jerusalem!

It began in the evening. A snowstorm in Jerusalem was getting underway. As the first flakes fell, streets in the usually bustling capital were deserted. Jerusalemites were waiting inside, not out. As rain and slush turned into snow, excited cries were heard, as calls of sheleg (snow) fell from windows and balconies, joining heavy flakes

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A Year in the Army

On our way to synagogue Friday evening I asked my son, “So what did you do this week?” “Drop it Dad. Please! I am exhausted.” “Guy, I know your military service is physically and mentally arduous. You jump, dive, run and climb. You are constantly being tested and evaluated. You carry heavy physical loads. But

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On the Hunt for Lions in Jerusalem

Lions are the last thing you would expect to see in Jerusalem because the City of Gold is renowned for its haunting beauty, ancient landmarks and religious significance. Not for its wildlife, and definitely not for lions roaming its streets. Yet that is exactly what you will find. On street corners and in tiny alleyways,

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Jerusalem, My Home

I am one of Jerusalem’s approximately 800,000 inhabitants, which include Jews, Arabs, Christians and internationals from around the world. My husband and I live in an apartment in the center of Jerusalem, adjacent to Bridges for Peace headquarters. We are right in the center of the action in both a positive and negative way. Frequently,

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