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From the Desert to the Moon, Israel Shoots for Outer Space Agriculture

Friday, 21 October 2022 | Israel’s next foray into the final frontier is an experiment in growing plants on the moon. The Jewish state is planning to send up a space mission called Beresheet 2 (“Beginning,” the Hebrew name for the book of Genesis) in 2025. A research group from Israel’s Ben Gurion University in

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Bridges for Peace CEO Takes Top Spot as Christian Ally for Third Year

Tuesday, 18 October 2022 | For the third year in a row, Bridges for Peace International President and CEO Rebecca J. Brimmer was honored in a list of the top 50 Christian allies of Israel. Every year just before the Sukkot (Feast of Tabernacles) holiday starts, the Israel Allies Foundation (IAF) publishes its list of

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Sukkot—The Season of Our Joy

Friday, 7 October 2022 | Sunset on Sunday night marks the beginning of Sukkot (Feast of Tabernacles), the seventh and final feast given to Israel in Leviticus 23. The celebration starts on the 15th day of the seventh biblical month of Tishrei and lasts for seven joyful days to end when the sun sets again

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Aliyah Jumps by 128% in Jewish Year 5782, Setting Two-decade Record

Friday, 30 September 2022 | The final figures are in. Israel’s Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS) has reported 63,000 new immigrants to Israel over the past twelve months. This figure sets a record for annual immigration over the past twenty years, more than doubling the number of arrivals in 2019, its closest “competitor.” The war

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Oldest Immigrant in Five Years Comes Home to Israel

Thursday, 22 September 2022 | A 101-year-old woman who made aliyah [immigrated to Israel] from New Jersey last week is the oldest immigrant to move to the Jewish state from the US in the last five years. Stella Rockoff was born in Jerusalem in 1921, during the British Mandate of Palestine. Her family immigrated to

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Israel Scores No. 1 in Digital Quality of Life Index

Thursday, 15 September 2022 | According to the fourth annual edition of the Digital Quality of Life Index, Israel has now placed first, beating out 116 other nations and overtaking Denmark after two years in the top spot. Five “fundamental well-being pillars”—e-government, e-infrastructure, Internet quality, Internet affordability and e-security—were considered when compiling the report. The

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Waiting for Rain

Thursday, 8 September 2022 | It has been a long, hot, dry summer. Of course, that’s not unusual in Israel where the rainy season typically lasts from October until early May. Still, by September there is a longing for that first gentle soaking rain to blanket the Land. There have been a few signs of

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IDF Gets a New Chief of Staff

Monday, 5 September 2022 | Israeli Defense Minister Benny Gantz announced on Sunday that he has selected Maj. Gen. Herzi Halevi to be the next Israel Defense Forces [IDF] chief of staff. Halevi, currently the deputy chief of staff, has served in many positions in the IDF, including as head of the military’s Southern Command

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Battlefield Cyberspace

In the not-so-distant past, Israel and Iran were firm friends. So close was the bond that the Jewish state and the Islamic Republic were well on their way planning a grand joint venture to coproduce military equipment—Jerusalem’s biggest ever partnership at that point—when the 1978 Iranian Revolution overthrew the Shah, put a swift end to

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Masters of Defense

The modern State of Israel has been in a constant state of combat since the day after declaring its independence in 1948. The need to survive, outsmart and outgun their enemies has pushed the Jewish state to create some of the most innovative weapons systems in the world. Iron Beam The highly successful Iron Dome

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