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Israel Rings in 2018 with Heavy Rainfall

Tuesday, 02 January 2018 | Israel saw heavy rainfall Monday morning in the northern and central regions accompanied by thunder storms, with flood warnings in the communities of the coastal plain. The rain will be spreading to the Negev later Monday, with flood warnings in the streams of the Judea Desert, Dead Sea and Negev.In

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Two Rockets Fired from Gaza at Israel, No Injuries Reported

Monday, 18 December 2017 | Two rockets were fired Sunday night from the Gaza Strip, with one exploding near the Hof Ashkelon Regional Council near the Gaza border, less than a week after multiple rockets were fired at southern Israel. The second rocket landed in an open, uninhabited field nearby. A residential home suffered damage

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IDF Giving Soldiers a Brighter Future

Friday, 15 December 2017 | Most Israelis enlist to the IDF [Israel Defense Forces] at the age of 18, after the majority of them have finished high school. There are some Israelis who enlist without a high school diploma. The IDF has developed the “High School Diploma Completion Course” (HSDCC) that allows these soldiers to

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A Dry and Thirsty Land

Thursday, 14 December 2017 | This winter’s first rainfall appeared on schedule—during the week of Sukkot, the second week of October. At that time, Arutz Sheva published an article with this quote from Water Authority spokesman Uri Shore, “If God forbid the coming winter is similar to the previous four, then our water sources are going

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Chag Hanukkah Sameach (Happy Hanukkah) from Jerusalem

Wednesday, 13 December 2017 | Since yesterday, streets in Israel have been resounding with the joyful phrase, “Chag Hanukkah Sameach!” as loved ones and perfect strangers wish each other a happy feast of Hanukkah. Last night, in homes across the Promised Land and in Jewish communities around the world, family and friends gathered for the

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Israel Desperately Needs a “Season of Rain”

Friday, 08 December, 2017 | Wednesday morning there were dark gray clouds on the horizon in Jerusalem. Rain had been in the forecast and as I walked to the bus stop, I wondered how much would fall? I had optimistically put my umbrella in my bag but it wasn’t raining yet. However, when I got

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Send the Rain

Friday, 01 December 2017 | Before the Israelites entered the Promised Land, Moses spoke to them about many things. One of them was specifically related to water—they would have to depend upon rainfall for their agricultural needs. “For the land which you go to possess is not like the land of Egypt from which you

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Welcoming the Rain

Friday, 24 November 2017 | 365 Fascinating Facts about Israel contains this nugget of information: “It is a remarkable fact that Jerusalem and London share the same average rainfall of 22 inches (55 cm) per year! The difference is that in Jerusalem it all falls within about 50 days in heavy downpours, whereas in London

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Aliyah as an Act of Faith

Wednesday 22 November 2017 | As they emerged from the plane at Ben-Gurion Airport, exhausted yet suffused with excitement, the latest batch of 82 Bnei Menashe immigrants from northeastern India to arrive in Israel marched toward passport control and suddenly burst into song. Invoking the verse in the Book of Jeremiah (31:16), where the Creator

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Waiting for the “Former Rain”

Friday, 17 November, 2017 | When planning an outdoor summer activity in Israel, we do not consider whether or not it will rain. With very few exceptions—and those are seen as specific acts of God—rain does not fall between May and September. When the Bible refers to the “former” and “latter” rains, the timing for

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