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Hebraic Understanding

“To Life!” Guide to a Jewish Wedding

To life, l’chaim, l’chaim, L’chaim, l’chaim, to life, It takes a wedding to make us say, “Let’s live another day,” Drink l’chaim, to life! “To Life!” is a song from the quintessential Jewish musical “Fiddler on the Roof,” where the people of Anatevka rejoice over the upcoming wedding of Tevye’s daughter. From time immemorial, weddings

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Seal My Heart

The story of Jeremiah just before the destruction of Jerusalem is so filled with mystery, violence, attempted murder and intrigue that today it would likely be labeled a thriller. But thrillers are usually fiction, and this story is most definitely true. Archaeologists have unearthed the proof. The Destruction of Jerusalem For years, the prophet Jeremiah

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All We Need Is Love

The ability to communicate through spoken and written language is a remarkable gift God has given to mankind. However, that very language can sometimes diminish our understanding rather than enhance it. Take, for instance, the word love. For students of the Bible, there is no word that is more important. Although there are others that

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From Mourning to Dancing, The Season of Joy

Everyone loves a good party, and for the Jewish people, the holiday of Sukkot (Feast of Tabernacles) starts the year off with just that. It’s a time to sleep under the stars, eat outside instead of in and invite people you know, and even people you don’t, to join you for joyous times of food

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A Call to Repent

As I write this Israel Teaching Letter my heart is heavy. On every side we are bombarded with evidence of how far we are from God’s perfect plans for our world. The morality of the western world seems to be in free fall. Financially, the world is rocking, with nations like Greece on the verge

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When God Hides His Face

Recently my wife, Robbie, and I stopped to order takeaway on our way home one evening. While we were waiting for our burgers, the young rabbi working at the counter engaged us in conversation. He asked us where we were from and we told him we lived in the neighborhood. “How long do you plan

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Living in Community

When I first began learning Hebrew, my teacher continually had to correct my prepositions and conjunctions because I always set single-letter words apart from the words they were modifying or connecting. What I learned at last was that no Hebrew letter ever stands alone. If it’s a single syllable, it is either connected to what

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Sinai Speaks

{image_2}Equipping Christians to clearly understand the biblical/Hebraic roots of our faith is an essential goal of Bridges for Peace. We seek to accomplish this in a variety of ways. Our monthly Teaching Letters and other printed material, presentations by BFP representatives to local church groups or other meetings, and one-on-one conversations are all avenues to increase this understanding. This month we’d like to introduce you to a new tool that has just become available: Sinai Speaks, a devotional book written by Dr. Jim Solberg, the BFP US National Director. The potential this book has to deepen our understanding of the Hebraic foundations of our Christian faith is exciting.

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Voice of the Shofar

{image_2}In an article by Jewish writer Sara Debbie Gutfreund, she describes losing her son in an Israeli amusement park one day and the ensuing, frantic search for him. She called again and again but there was no response. When she finally found him, the toddler was completely unaware that he was lost. He was happily playing with a new-found friend and didn’t realize the danger of wandering away.

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Living Patiently in an Impatient World

For nearly 20 years, my husband and I were in full time Christian service in America. Our home became the center of our work and was a hub of activity 24 hours a day.{image_2} From infants to the retired, single moms to hurting families, we ministered the love of the Lord to all who came to us for help. We often had 20 people or more around our dinner table, many of whom lived with us for varying periods of time. One young woman with her two-year-old son became an integral part of our ministry and they lived with us for 11 years. With children around my feet and a phone to my ear, I wrote training and teaching materials for our staff while I counseled pregnant teens and led Bible studies. And through it all, I was known for my patience. Even-tempered and filled with the joy of the Lord, it was very hard to “ruffle my feathers.”

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