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Blood Money, How Iran Can Spend Billions on Terrorism

Maslowski Marcin/Drop of Light/shutterstock.com What would you do with $30-$50 billion? In all likelihood, buying missiles for terrorists, sponsoring rebels to overthrow nearby governments and subsidizing a brutal dictator wouldn’t immediately come to mind. That is, unless you’re Iran. Over the next couple of years, Iran is expected to reap tens of billions of dollars

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The (Nuclear) Race Is On

It’s a pretty common thing in most societies to acknowledge events of communal importance with parades, picnics, somber gatherings, or some combination thereof. The United Nations has even created a list of such days to encourage the recognition of events and concepts that have international relevance. For instance, there is a specific day set aside

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Anti-Semitism’s Global Comeback

The last time anti-Semitism infected the world at large was in the 19th and 20th centuries.  After WWII, it remained a low grade fever, flaring up occasionally around the world. But, today it has returned in a new, mutated form that may be the most powerful and viral in human history. The last infection resulted in

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Israel Goes Above and Beyond: Assessing Operation Protective Edge

 War crimes were committed during the 2014 conflict between Israel and terrorists in the Gaza Strip, and Palestinian civilians were deliberately put in harm’s way—but it was Hamas who drew their own people into the fighting, not Israel. Hamas intentionally placed military targets in civilian areas, disguised militants as civilians, and even forced their own

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Dem Bones, Dem Bones, Dem Dry Bones…

“We are at war,” says Yaakov Kirschen, the man behind the popular Dry Bones comic strip. The battle lines of this war, he says, are clearly drawn. In contemporary society, according to Kirschen, combat is no longer confined to traditional warfare and tactics. The advance of modern technology brings with it a host of unchartered

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Israel Asserts a Biblical Framework

From the day it was reborn, Israel’s leaders have asserted a biblical basis for the nation’s existence as the world’s one and only Jewish state. One day later and ever since, Israel’s enemies and detractors have waged war against that biblical foundation. Israel’s Declaration of Independence asserted the nation’s origin and rebirth as defined by

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The Impact of Mr. Assad’s Terrible War

A rebel of the Free Syrian Army stands amidst devastation in Aleppo, Syria. Photo: Dona Bozzi /shutterstock.com The sheer numbers in the Syrian civil war are staggering: more than 200,000 are dead according to a report backed by the United Nations; more than 3 million have become foreign refugees; and 10 million in total have

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On Your Walls, O Jerusalem

If stones could speak, what stories the walls of Jerusalem would tell. They do, after all, play a starring role in many a key biblical and historic event—from humble beginnings, to witnessing the height of a dynasty under Kings David and Solomon. Then came their destruction in the Babylonian rampage, followed by their partial restoration

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Shoes That Fit Like a Glove

In recent years Israel has become known as the “start-up nation.” It is an incubator for companies that have been born out of the new and innovative Israeli technologies developed in a wide variety of fields. However, it is also the land that produced Teva Naot—a company whose humble beginnings 70 years ago have led

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There Is a Priest in Nazareth, Standing for the Jewish State

There is a priest in Nazareth standing for the Jewish state of Israel. Locals there have not yet thrown him off a nearby cliff, but many would like to do so. Reviled and despised by childhood friends, Arab politicians and Christian Palestinian leaders, Father Gabriel Naddaf, a Greek Orthodox priest, has received more death threats

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