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Ukrainian Jews Arriving

Dispatch from Jerusalem

Living Out Loud in the Face of Terror

Over the last months of 2015, Israel found itself in the grip of the worst terror onslaught since the dreadful days of the Second Intifada (uprising) when Palestinian suicide bombers turned civilian buses and restaurants into raging infernos. International media has dubbed it the “The Knife Intifada,” while Palestinians proudly refer to it as “The

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Pushing Back Time

Fava seeds found at site A joint study by researchers of the Weizmann Institute and the Israel Antiquities Authority (IAA) examined fava seeds (broad beans) found in archaeological excavations in recent years at Neolithic sites in the Galilee in northern Israel. Seeds found at the prehistoric sites show that the inhabitants’ diet at the time

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Fortress of Antiochus Ephiphanes

Some years back, the ruler of a superpower set up headquarters in Jerusalem. Near the Temple courts he constructed a massive fortress. From its ramparts, he held Jewish rebels at bay, launching spears and slinging metal slugs emblazoned with symbols and inscriptions representing favorite deities. Determined to convert the Jews, and if not to squash

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Jerusalem’s Palestinians Prefer Israeli Citizenship

Israel is no stranger to being fingered as the world’s arch human rights villain. Yet despite the dire picture of apartheid practices, segregation and abuse painted by news headlines and international bodies, the testimony of those living in the Jewish state speaks of a different reality. According to a recent poll, the majority of Jerusalem’s

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Israelis Healthier Than 181 Countries

Life’s hard in Israel, but new data confirms that Israel is among world leaders in length of life. A new study, which includes data for 188 countries, puts Israel very high on the rankings for healthy life expectancy. The report also shows that even though most people around the world are living longer, they’re also

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Israel 4th Best Place to Raise a Family

Israel has ranked fourth out of 41 countries for the best place to raise a family in a new survey published by the expat networking service, InterNations. Austria, Sweden and Finland were cited as the top three locations for children-friendly care, education and recreation. Expats from around the globe took part in the survey and

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Israel Wants Its Christians to Flourish

President Reuven Rivlin recently opened his home to a delegation of European Roman Catholic leaders visiting the Land of Israel, the stage on which the majority of events in Scriptures play out. Addressing the representatives of the Council of the Bishops’ Conferences of Europe (CCEE), President Rivlin’s message spoke straight to the hearts of his

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A Sweet Treat at Hanukkah

The season of Hanukkah is filled with special traditions, many involving food. Sufganiyot, or jelly-filled doughnuts, commemorate the miracle of a single day’s supply of oil which kept the Temple’s menorah lit for seven days until more could be prepared. Each year bakeries in Israel vie to see who can make the most interesting or

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Your Plan to Destroy Israel Will Fail

Israel is being hounded on every side, menaced from outside her borders and from within: acts of terrorism in her streets, the existential threat of Iran’s nuclear build-up and the arming of its terror proxies, and the world’s “deafening silence” in response to the rabid cries for her destruction. This is Israel’s response:  “Seventy years

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Palestinian Jihad and the Quest for an Unholy War

K.DeGagne/bridgesforpeace.com The Palestinian presentation of their conflict with Israel as being about statehood and political rights has downplayed the religious overtones that have resided beneath the surface. Perhaps it’s because the Palestinians thought Westerners would identify more with a fight falsely presented as a reprise of Ghandi’s political struggle in India, rather than Al-Qaeda’s jihad

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