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War on Children

Dispatch from Jerusalem

Russia Moves In

Russia has swept into the Middle East. In a matter of weeks, it has established a daunting military presence in Syria. That presence includes some 1,500 troops along with artillery, tanks and fighter jets. According to intelligence news service, DEBKA, Russia’s presence also includes the arrival of the world’s largest nuclear submarine, Russia’s Tycoon-class Dmitri

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‘I Am an Arab Muslim and a Proud Israeli Zionist’

Sarah Zoabi has always believed that food brings people together. With a passion for all things edible and a natural talent for dishing up delectable delights, it was hardly surprising that the Arab mother from Nazareth would try her hand at becoming Israel’s next MasterChef. But it was not her culinary skills that launched her

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Jews and Christians Study Scriptures Together

The Land of Israel is the stage on which the majority of events in the Bible play out. In June, the first International Bible Study Week brought Jews and Christians to the Land where it all began; to study the Scriptures together in its natural arena of origin. The week, which included a number of

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Israel Shines at Special Olympics

The Israeli Special Olympics team returned home from the World Games hosted in California carrying some extra luggage: a whopping 61 medals. The athletes, who raked in 25 gold, 18 silver and 18 bronze, arrived in Israel to a hero’s welcome.

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Life-Saving Cardiac Surgery

An Israeli medical team recently returned home from Tanzania after performing life-saving cardiac surgery on ten children and treating hundreds more, according to The Jerusalem Post. “An Israeli delegation of 20 doctors, nurses and medical technicians has returned from Tanzania after performing lifesaving heart surgery on more than 10 local children and examining hundreds more

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Initiative Empowers Autistic Soldiers

The IDF (Israel Defense Forces) is one of the only militaries in the world that successfully integrates soldiers on the autism spectrum. When it comes to integrating people with disabilities into the IDF, “we open more and more doors,” says Lt. Col. Rosenfeld, Commander of the Online Recruitment Bureau. The initiative to empower autistic soldiers

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Iran Nuclear Deal—a “Stunning, Historic Mistake”

Israel “The ruler of Iran, the Ayatollah Khamenei, says after this agreement is concluded that he’s going to continue the battle against the United States. He’s going to continue supporting terrorists in the Middle East and in the world. He’s committed to Israel’s destruction…This is a very bad deal with a very bad regime. It’s

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A Taste of Morocco

Autumn has arrived in Israel and the cooking reflects the seasonal harvest. This month’s featured recipe provides a taste of flavorful Moroccan–Jewish cuisine—a lamb casserole featuring quince, a fruit that complements the hearty main dish. If quinces are not available in your area, tart apples or pears make good substitutes. Lamb and Quince Casserole Ingredients

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Simchat Torah – Rejoicing with the Beloved

ChameleonsEye/shutterstock.com Thousands of years ago, King David poured out his passion for the Word of God in a skillful song. “Oh how I love Your Torah!” he sang, “It is my meditation all the day” (Ps. 119:97). Today, some three millennia later, the same heart of love still beats within the descendants of Israel’s famous

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Standing in Your Gates, O Jerusalem!

Panorama of Old City Todd Bolen/bibleplaces.com From an alcove nestled into one of Jerusalem’s gateways, passersby hear the strains of a violin echo off the ancient stones. At another gate, a marketplace hums with merchants peddling their wares; and at yet another, an exuberant bar mitzvah procession winds its way toward the Western Wall. These

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