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IDF Set to Demolish Longest Hezbollah Cross-Border Attack Tunnel

Monday, 3 June 2019 | Six months after the Israeli military declared an end to Operation Northern Shield, the IDF [Israel Defense Forces] is set to demolish the largest known attack tunnel ever dug into Israeli territory by the Iranian-backed Lebanese terrorist group Hezbollah, it was announced on Wednesday. Colonel Roi Levi of the IDF’s

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Hezbollah Defiant as US Warns Lebanon of Missile Clash with Israel

Monday, 3 June 2019 | The US has warned the Lebanese government that it must resolve the issue of Hezbollah’s precision-guided missile workshops before Israel decides to take action, the Saudi-owned Al Hayat newspaper said Sunday. According to the London-based paper, the Americans apparently presented Lebanese officials (among which were Lebanon’s President Michel Aoun and

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Terrorist Strikes in Jerusalem’s Old City, Wounding Two

Friday, 31 May 2019 | Two people were wounded, one seriously, when a Palestinian terrorist went on a stabbing spree in Jerusalem’s Old City this morning. The terrorist—a 19-year-old Palestinian from Judea and Samaria—struck shortly after sunrise. “Around 6:20 a.m., the assailant entered through the Damascus Gate. He stabbed a man inside and began running

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Hamas Leader Thanks Hamas for its Support, Threatens to Strike Tel Aviv

Friday, 31 May 2019 | Hamas leader Yahya Sinwar on Thursday threatened to “pulverize” Tel Aviv in the next military confrontation with Israel and urged the people of Bahrain to demand a cancellation of next month’s economic “workshop,” where the first part of the US peace plan is due to be unveiled. Speaking at a

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Islamic Jihad Releases Supposed Footage of its Drones Targeting IDF Tank

Friday, 31 May 2019 | The Palestinian Islamic Jihad terror group on Thursday released footage showing what it claims is a drone belonging to its military wing hovering over an Israeli tank and dropping an explosive device in its vicinity. The video – according to the terror group – was recorded during the latest flare-up

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The Palestinian War on the Trump Peace Plan

Friday, 31 May 2019 | The Palestinians seem to be moving on two fronts to thwart US President Donald Trump’s plan for peace in the Middle East, also known as the “Deal of the Century.” The Palestinian Authority and its political allies in the West Bank [Judea and Samaria] have launched a diplomatic and media

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Israel Heads for Elections as Coalition Talks Fail

Thursday, 30 May 2019 | It’s official. On September 17, Israelis will head to the polls for the second national election this year after attempts to form a majority coalition failed and the members of the 21st Knesset [Parliament] voted to dissolve—exactly one month after being sworn in. This is the first time in Israel’s

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Widow of Terror Victim Tells French MPs: “Check How Your Money to the PA is Spent”

Thursday, 30 May 2019 | The widow of a rabbi murdered in the West Bank [Judea and Samaria] earlier this year on Tuesday warned French lawmakers that money given by Paris to the Palestinian Authority [PA] could be used to pay stipends for terrorists. “France gave the Palestinians Authority €16 million in 2016. Check how

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PA Chairman Abbas: US Peace Efforts are Doomed to Fail

Thursday, 30 May 2019 | In the first public comments on the US-sponsored economic workshop to be held next month in Bahrain, Palestinian Authority (PA) President Mahmoud Abbas said Monday that Israeli-Palestinian peace efforts [will not succeed.] Speaking at a ceremony in Ramallah, Abbas declared that, “The Palestinian Authority does not recognize this conference.” The

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IDF Incorporates VR Simulation into its Training

Thursday, 30 May 2019 | The Future Lab corps, a new unit in the IDF’s [Israel Defense Forces] Information Technology division, has developed an advanced virtual training environment that will revolutionize the world of simulators used by the ground forces. The simulator, which is currently in advanced stages of development and will be tested in

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