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IDF Chief: Iran Is the “Most Dangerous Country in the Middle East”

Monday, 22 June 2020 | The Middle East is arguably one of the most explosive neighborhoods on earth, perpetually embroiled in anything from violent altercations to all-out war among tribes, cultures, belief systems and nations. Amid the battling extremist factions, terror regimes and genocidal dictators—many of whom hold Israel firmly in their crosshairs—one antagonist stands out.

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Israel Orders Hospitals to Prepare for Immediate Reopening of Virus Wards

Monday, 22 June 2020 | Israeli health officials on Sunday ordered all hospitals to prepare for immediate reopening of coronavirus wards due to a recent spike of the disease in the country. Israel over the past few weeks has seen a resurgence of COVID-19 as more and more businesses reopen, with the daily toll topping

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A Decisive Week for Israeli Sovereignty over Judea and Samaria

Monday, 22 June 2020 | Top US officials will meet this week in the White House to decide whether to give Israel the go-ahead on applying sovereignty in Judea and Samaria, Israeli Channel 13 reported. The top brass attendees will include US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo; Trump’s senior adviser, Jared Kushner; National Security Adviser

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Whistleblower Exposes Palestinian Authority Corruption

Monday, 22 June 2020 | Palestinian Authority [PA] corruption currently occupies the attention of Palestinians. Until a few days ago, the “scandal of the day” was the suspected corruption of the government fund established by the PA to assist victims of the coronavirus. Palestinian residents claimed that only Fatah [leading secular Palestinian political party] activists

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Number of Israel’s Active Coronavirus Patients Passes 4,000

Friday, 19 June 2020 | The number of coronavirus patients in Israel has for the first time in weeks passed the threshold of 4,000, health officials confirmed on Wednesday morning. Israel over the past few weeks has seen a resurgence of COVID-19 as more and more businesses reopen, with the daily toll topping 200 new

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Travesty of Justice at the International Criminal Court?

Friday, 19 June 2020 | The International Criminal Court (ICC) Prosecutor’s Response makes an abstraction of history; misleadingly refers to Judea and Samaria as the “West Bank” of the Jordan River (which includes Israel), and falsely called “Occupied Palestinian Territories” that were liberated in 1967 from Jordanian occupation. The Prosecutor’s Response seems to create new

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Israel–EU “Open Skies” Agreement Ratified by the European Parliament

Friday, 19 June 2020 | Following extensive diplomatic efforts, The European Union [EU] has officially ratified the “Open Skies” agreement between Israel and the EU. The EU voted 437 to 102 on Wednesday night to ratify the agreement, which has been in place since 2013. The “Open Skies” agreement has led to a substantial decrease in

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PA Intentionally Submits Falsified Document to the International Criminal Court

Friday, 19 June 2020 | The latest submission by the Palestinian Authority [PA] to the International Criminal Court (ICC) is a prime example of how the PA tailors and changes the content of the speeches of its leaders and its positions, depending on the target audience. In this instance, while speaking in Arabic to the

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IDF Thwarts Hamas Arms Smuggling Attempt into Gaza from Sinai

Thursday, 18 June 2020 | The IDF [Israel Defense Forces] reported yesterday that the Navy, in a joint operation with the Shin Bet security agency and Military Intelligence, thwarted a weapons smuggling attempt by Hamas into the Gaza Strip from the northern Sinai Peninsula through the Mediterranean Sea several weeks ago. The smugglers involved have

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Israel Sees Nearly 300 Daily Coronavirus Cases for First Time in Months

Thursday, 18 June 2020 | For the first time since the peak of the coronavirus epidemic in Israel, nearly 300 new cases have been recorded in 24 hours, officials confirmed yesterday morning. Israel over the past few weeks has seen a resurgence of COVID-19 as more and more businesses reopen, with the daily toll topping

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