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A Ray of Hope

Expository Bible Studies

Ancient Lessons for a Modern Church

Few Bible writers have been as controversial, and perhaps as misunderstood, as Paul. Ordained by the Lord to be the apostle to the Gentile world, his task was enormous and certainly filled with pitfalls. Self-identifying as a “Pharisee of Pharisees,” Paul’s writings make it clear that his Judaism remained at the heart of his religious

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Truth or Consequences

I remember a television game show entitled, “Truth or Consequences.” Contestants were asked a hard-to-answer trivia question. If they couldn’t answer correctly then they had to do some silly stunt or embarrassing action. Ironically, most seemed to think that accepting the consequence was more fun than answering correctly. Truth was trivialized! Today we live in

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Truly Seeing

Sometimes an idea or quotation impacts you in a deep way and you end up meditating on it over a period of time. It seems to pull together various other threads that God has been speaking to you about. Recently, I read a quote that really struck me. It referred to the difference between seeing

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Seal My Heart

The story of Jeremiah just before the destruction of Jerusalem is so filled with mystery, violence, attempted murder and intrigue that today it would likely be labeled a thriller. But thrillers are usually fiction, and this story is most definitely true. Archaeologists have unearthed the proof. The Destruction of Jerusalem For years, the prophet Jeremiah

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What Did That Parable Really Mean?

My husband is an Israeli tour guide, and he says that parables are stories taught while on the road. I can certainly imagine Yeshua (Jesus) telling stories as He walked with His disciples. Generally, when we think of parables we think of Yeshua’s use of them. However, He did not invent the parable. It was

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Gideon: Valiant Warrior

The biblical account of Gideon and his defeat of the Midianites during the period of the Judges is one that every Sunday School child has heard at least once. I was certainly among that group as I was growing up. Later, as an adult in Bible college, the story of Gideon surfaced in my life

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Ezra, Unsung Hero of the Faith

For most Christians, a list of the greatest men of the Tanakh [Gen.–Mal.] would include the likes of Moses the Lawgiver, David the King, Abraham the Father of both Jews and Christians, and the prophets Isaiah and Jeremiah. Some might even include Nehemiah, cupbearer to the king of Babylon and rebuilder of the walls of

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Hall of Faithful Warriors

If Hebrews 11 can be called the biblical Hall of Faith, then a portion of that chapter could be subtitled the Hall of Faithful Warriors. Here we find a roster of Israel’s illustrious war heroes. But the writer faces a temporal dilemma as he seeks to present these men of renown: “And what more shall

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I was walking and praying in downtown Jerusalem when I felt the Lord urging me to write this Teaching Letter on “Return.” Join me as we consider what it means to return. In the Bible, the word that is most often translated “return” is “shuv.” It has many nuances and uses in Scripture, which we

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To Be a Friend of God

The word relationship holds a place of centrality in Christian teaching. For millennia, the Church believed that it was set apart from all other faith systems, including Judaism, by that concept. Christianity, the Church fathers determined, is not a religion of legalism or slavish commandment keeping and rote prayer; it is a religion of real

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