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A Ray of Hope


An Electromagnetic Pulse Attack

{image_1}Many years ago, Dr. Billy Graham asked, ”What will you do when disaster comes?” It is a great question. Being more graphic, he also asked, ”What would you do if cities in your country were leveled by missiles or enemy bombs?” The threat of disaster grows steadily every year. Weapons are now developing to devastating proportions, and the ability to launch an attack becomes more feasible by the moment. This year, the question that should be asked is, “What would you do if 70% of the USA was shutdown in a single second?” Or ”What would be the consequence if Israel was wiped off the map in a single moment of time?” Both scenarios are now possible. Either result could be achieved by terrorist or rogue states using an electromagnetic pulse (EMP) technique.

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The United Nations “Tower of Babble”

June 1, 2009

On September 8, 2001, Durban I voted to label Zionism as racism. The United States and Israel walked out. Those nations who had their delegates remain, in one way or another, gave their approval to declaring Israel the only racist nation on earth. That such an indictment was possible under the covering of a United Nations sanctioned event makes the organizing body appear to be out of touch, biased, and manipulated—out of touch with the reality in the world today and biased towards the single goal of stigmatizing the name and reputation of Israel.

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The Arab World Needs Israel – for Now


Hamas is a constant irritant to Israel, but it is also a major problem for national leaders in the Arab world. No longer can journalists, analysts, or commentators look at the Israel–Hamas conflict and describe it as an isolated war between two ancient rivals. The contest is much more widespread, embracing Washington, Cairo, Tehran, Moscow, Baghdad, and even Mecca.

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Sharia Compliant Finance: Deal or no Deal

{image_1} The economic crisis is devastating. Major governments have thrown multi-billion dollar rescue packages at the problem, and many have announced dramatic reductions in interest rates. This is meant to stimulate activity and resuscitate the ailing markets. Economists speak in billions and trillions, and sometimes the enormity of the problem seems to be insurmountable.

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The Russian Bear Returns

{image_1} When the September visit to Moscow by Israel Prime Minister Olmert was cancelled, the press speculated it was because he was embroiled in police enquiries in Israel. Olmert was expected to meet with Russian President Dmitri Medvedev and Prime Minister Vladimir Putin to discuss Israeli concerns regarding developments between  Russia and Syria.

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The Trojan Horse

{image_1}In his book Two Nations Under God: Why Should America Care About Israel and the Middle East, Tom Doyle describes Jerusalem as the “Anchor City of the Bible. This is where God met with humanity and one day will meet with us again!”. He also said the three major world religions (Christianity, Judaism, and Islam) “collide” here. “Collide” seems to be a very appropriate word.

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The State of Negotiations

{image_1} Mahmoud Abbas (Abu Mazen), the President of the Palestinian Authority, is described by many as a moderate man. That assessment is based on the observation that he is rarely seen making inflammatory calls for violence and his public comments have, from time to time, opposed the murder of innocent people. In the international arena, his champions include US President George W. Bush and the former British Prime Minister Tony Blair. They insist Abbas is the appropriate partner for peace and have worked to establish that prospect in their advice to Israel.

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Shackled Warrior – Israel and the Global Jihad

{image_1} While our Dispatch commentaries normally are written by our own staff, occasionally, we use commentary written by guest writers. We are pleased that Caroline Glick gave us permission to publish the preface of her new book (same as the title of this article). Caroline Glick is an American Jew, who immigrated to Israel in 1991 with a degree in political science from Columbia University. She served in the IDF for five and a half years, as Assistant Foreign Policy Advisor to former Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in 1997–1998, and has been working as Deputy Managing Editor of The Jerusalem Post since 2002. To access her articles, go to www.carolineglick.com.

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A recap of the past 60 years in Israel.

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Children: Victims of the Hate Industry

Young children and adolescents in the Gaza Strip are taught to kiss the corpses of terrorist-operative martyrs (in Arabic, shaheed or shahid), who died for the sake of Allah. This is part of the indoctrination to hate Israel and to promote the popularity of the shaheed cult in the Palestinian-controlled territories, although this practice is not founded in the Muslim tradition. A report issued by the Intelligence and Terrorism Information Center on December 6, 2007 says:

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