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Zohar: You Are Not Alone!


Shifting Sands of International Alliances

For decades, the propaganda machine of the Arab world has declared that Israel’s “illegal occupation of Palestine” is at the heart of all conflict in the Middle East. Unfortunately world leaders have been all too willing to dance to that tune, while ignoring the reality on the ground. But today, battles are raging, borders changing

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Who Is ISIS? They’re Worse than Al-Qaeda

In just a few days last June, hundreds of thousands of Iraqis were sent fleeing their hometown and almost a third of the Iraqi Army and Federal Police divisions melted away. These dramatic events weren’t due to an earthquake or an invasion from Iran or Syria—they were due to the Islamic State of Iraq and

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Rocks in Jerusalem

Yom Yerushalayim [Jerusalem Day]—Apparently, on the day that celebrates Jerusalem’s reunification, every National-Religious high school and yeshiva [religious school] feels obligated to visit and make physical contact with the Holy City, as if to confirm that it really is in our hands. My children Ari and Eden were among those who, with their classmates, went

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United They Shoot

Israel Threatened by Palestinian Unity It was one of the most dangerous handshakes in modern history. Normally, handshakes are identified with peace. World leaders at peace conferences symbolically bridge their differences by pressing flesh. But the agreement that reunited the Palestinian factions of Hamas and Fatah was anything but peaceful. It is an unholy union

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Crisis Over Identity

The Recognition of Israel as a Jewish State It was called the “most significant obstacle” left to reaching a peace agreement with the Palestinians. Furthermore, it wasn’t just anyone who made that statement. It was the Israeli with the most “say” in the matter today: Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Just what is this “most significant

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Jerusalem Surrounded

Israel’s Enemies Align with Prophetic Battle Plan So much has happened…so fast. For a time, it looked as though the moderates would sweep to victory in the Middle East. Dictators were dead or deposed, Al-Qaeda was on the run, and Iran was under crippling sanctions for their nuclear program. Iran’s top ally, the Syrian regime,

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Finding the Devil in the Details

Understanding Iran’s Nuclear Program

{image_1}“Constraining Iranian uranium enrichment”—try saying that three times, fast. If saying it is hard, imagine how tough it is to actually constrain it. And what does it even mean? If you don’t know LEU (low-enriched uranium) from WGU (weapons-grade uranium) and can’t distinguish fissile material from missile fuel, then here’s a crash course on Iran’s path to nuclear weapons. If you’re a well-informed expert who knows Arak from Fordo, then here’s a “one stop shop” to summarize Iran’s nuclear program. Most importantly, we’re here to help answer the most crucial question: When and how can Iran get the bomb?

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Disarming Syria Can Be Done—But Will It?

{image_1}The worst chemical weapons attack in decades…US warships sent to the region…the brink of war, again. And then, an eerie calm. A historic agreement to disarm Syria of their chemical weapons brought the entire US war campaign to a halt before it started. The deal saved the Americans from a fight they didn’t want, the Syrians from a sizable blow and made the Russians look good. It was all winners and smiles. But will it work? Is this a victory for diplomacy, or a villainous deception? In recent history, there have been multiple situations in which a nation has signed a deal to give up weapons of mass destruction (WMDs). Some have resulted in massive success stories. But sometimes it has been a giant disaster—evil regimes have reneged on deals in explosive ways. Here’s a look at how the world can disarm Syria of its WMDs and what to watch for in order to prevent another nightmare.

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Egypt Unraveling

{image_1}Quickly, name the current leader of Egypt. If you can’t, it might be because this crisis-wracked country has had at least four since the end of 2009. This summer, millions protested for the removal of the country’s first Islamist president, Mohammad Morsi, just one year after he was elected. Then other crowds protested calling for his return, leading to a violent confrontation with the army. The legendary Egyptians have gone from a dictator, to an interim military government, to an elected president, and back to the military again. That’s four decades of history in most countries, all in four years. But the ongoing Egyptian political crisis isn’t just a tragic news story or random political fact. It’s a reality that is directly hurting Israel’s security and your wallet. And it’s doing even more damage than that.

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Moscow’s Motives—Why Russia Influences the Middle East

{image_1}It seems unusual that from the frozen lands of Siberia, and the snowcapped cathedrals in Moscow, Russia has reached its long arms into the desert sands of the Middle East. Yet, in the last seven decades, Russia has been selling weapons to Middle Eastern nations, playing politics with conflicts and peace talks, and even helping crazy dictators acquire weapons of mass destruction. But why? What is Moscow’s modus operandi for involvement in the Middle East? And what does that mean for Israel now…and in the future?

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