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Leave a Legacy!

June 14, 2016
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IMG_9755 (2)You have loved Israel in front of your children and grandchildren. You have boldly championed for her in the midst of adversity! Burning in your heart has been a yearning to see the generations that follow you grab a hold of the same passion you have for Israel.

Bridges for Peace offers two incredible opportunities for young adults between 18 and 30. The Call to Zion: Young people from around the world gather for eleven days to experience God and His people in the Land of Israel. The Zealous Israel Project: One year of servant-based discipleship with an international team. Give one year of your life to blessing the Jewish people through volunteer service while receiving in-depth teaching and experiencing life in Israel.

We invite you to invest in a young person you love by sending them to be a part of one of these opportunities. We invite you to leave a legacy by donating to the Zealous8:2 Scholarship Fund.