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Help Israel Save Lives in Turkey

February 8, 2023
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Every time a disaster occurs, Israel is ready to help. Hours after a massive 7.8 earthquake struck Turkey and Syria, Israel was already busy mobilizing medical personnel, equipment and trained rescue teams. A day after the quake, an Israeli plane took off for the disaster-stricken area to help save lives. A field hospital is the next step, and an Israel Defense Forces (IDF) delegation has already landed in Turkey to start setting up the facility. The quake was so strong that it was felt all over Israel. The devastation is terrible.

Of course, Bridges for Peace was one of the organizations that partnered with Israel to help send the doctors, nurses, rescue workers, supplies and equipment to Turkey. We have been collaborating with Israel in this way for many years. For instance, we assisted the Jewish state to dispatch rescue efforts after Haiti was struck by a devastating earthquake in 2010, and when an earthquake and tsunami decimated parts of Japan in 2011. Last year, we helped send a field hospital to Ukraine, and now, today, we have once again helped Israel to send aid and assistance to Turkey.

The nation of Israel and the Jewish people take very seriously a concept of faith called tikkun olam, which can literally be translated as “to repair the world.” They understand that God planned for His people to reach out in concern and love with practical assistance in times of crisis and need. And that is exactly what Israel does.

Unfortunately, the nation of Israel has had lots of experience dealing with trauma, war, terrorist incidents and fires. They have become experts. Turkey has welcomed the assistance, even though political relations between the two countries are strained. 

Israel also sits on a major earthquake fault line. Throughout history, major quakes destroyed cities and many died. The experts tell us that Israel is overdue for a major quake. In the aftermath of this disaster so close to Israel’s borders, the news is full of information about how to prepare in case an earthquake strikes the Jewish state. The government, municipalities and homeowners are doing what they can to prepare. Unfortunately, many older homes are expected to collapse in the event of a major quake. Israel is making efforts to retrofit older buildings, but the process is slow.

To partner with Israel’s rescue efforts in Turkey, we gave from our Crisis fund. We are so thankful that we had the resources to give, but the reality is that our Crisis fund has been dwindling significantly because of the various crisis events over the past year. If you want to help Israel reach out to rescue the Turkish people, please send a donation today. We will make sure the funds are allocated to the teams working in the field. We also feel it is important to have funds available in our Crisis fund because we don’t know whether another disaster might strike tomorrow. Having funds available enables us to act immediately to answer a call for help.  

When you partner with us, you form part of the team joining hands with the nation of Israel to show the nature of the God of Israel to the world, even to Israel’s enemies. He is a God of love, mercy and provision. He is a God who sends His people out to show His love in practical ways. Please send a generous gift today to show the world the character of the God of Israel and those who follow Him. Help us reach out in this current crisis and prepare for future needs.

Blessings from Israel,

Rebecca J. Brimmer

International President and CEO