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A Ray of Hope

Repairing a Devastated Home

January 1, 2024

A wonderful friend of Bridges for Peace, Rabbi Yehuda Glick, and his wife Hadass lead an organization called Amitsim (Courageous). This amazing group works to support and bring restoration into homes that have suffered trauma due to the loss of a parent and spouse. In partnership with Bridges for Peace, Amitsim ministers to children and

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Reaching Out In Love To Widows And Orphans

September 19, 2022

Each month, Bridges for Peace provides food to more than 24,000 people. Among them are 1,034 widows and 266 orphans. Many of the Holocaust victims we assist are widows. Some of the widows we help lost their husbands to terrorism or war. There are thousands of widows in Israel, many of them widowed young as

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Showing Love to Widows and Orphans

April 22, 2021

My mother was a widow for 12 years before she joined my father in heaven in 2019. She would often tell us that God has a special heart for widows and that she trusted Him to care for her. When things were difficult, she would often say: “But God!” He was her source in every

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