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Righteous Action Blesses the Lord

March 1, 2015
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Yeshua (Jesus) frequently stressed the importance of righteous action. When He talked about the judgment of the nations, He didn’t say that they would be judged by what they believed (although that is important), or what battles they fought, or if they stood for democratic principles. He said they would be judged by how they cared for those in need. Those who feed the hungry, visit prisoners, give water to the thirsty, show hospitality to strangers, clothe those in need and visit the sick will hear the words, “Come, you blessed of My Father, inherit the kingdom prepared for you from the foundation of the world” (Matt. 25:34). He equated these charitable actions with blessing of Himself, “Assuredly, I say to you, inasmuch as you did it to one of the least of these My brethren, you did it to Me” (Matt. 25:40).

At Bridges for Peace, we believe in righteous action! So we feed the poor (28,000 each month), we repair homes for those in need, we assist new immigrants, we bless children with hot lunches, books and so much more. We believe that as we show our love through actions, we are blessing Yeshua and the Jewish people whom He has called us to love.

Volunteers come from around the world to join us in showing love, compassion and the light of the Lord. Nancy is one of our repeat volunteers. I want to share something she wrote during her most recent time ministering with Bridges for Peace.

<img style="height: auto; max-width: 100%; display: block; -webkit-user-drag: none;" title="Food laid out in preparation for food bundles
Debra Williams/bridgesforpeace.com” src=”//static.bridgesforpeace.com/img/made/images/content/appeal/AP-Web-0315_3_165_136_80.jpg” alt=”” width=”165″ height=”136″> Food laid out in preparation for food bundles Photo: Debra Williams/ bridgesforpeace.com

“Many Holocaust survivors arrived in Israel during the birth of the Israeli nation. They grew up as orphans—without essential emotional and/or financial support. Today nearly 200,000 remain, 58% of whom struggle with poverty and isolation. Today Bridges for Peace serves and delivers food parcels to more than 60 survivors residing in Jerusalem and more than 100 survivors in the north.

“My number one prayer regarding the time I would volunteer with Bridges for Peace in Israel was to be able to visit with Holocaust survivors. Last night I discussed this very topic again with a friend and asked her how I might connect with such people. I had been told that I probably wouldn’t be able to speak with them as they would most likely be reluctant to share with someone who couldn’t speak their language. The very next day, I was given an assignment with Bridges for Peace to speak with some Holocaust survivors! I immediately felt tears and thanked God for answered prayer. Here is one of my experiences.

“It seemed as if 92-year-old Shoshan had been waiting for days for our arrival. She gathered us into her over-crowded apartment as if we were special guests at her party and motioned us to sit, sit, sit. Even through her joy, it was clear to see that she was a little self-conscious about being in her housecoat and she was wishing instead to be in something beautiful and clean. We hugged her anyway and immediately loved her just the way she was.

“After a little help buttoning her up and settling her on the sofa, she was ready to spend the day with us. There was little room for the five of us, so I knelt at her feet on the floor. With her eyes locked on mine and our hands woven together, she began to tell us her story. Not slowly or quietly, but rapidly and emotionally. Did she think we understood her? Did it matter?

“There was pain behind her eyes and tears in mine as this Hungarian Jewish lady told of losing her husband at a young age, of the Gestapo beating the Jews for hours with sticks and clubs, of being rounded up with her two young daughters and being sent away from their homeland.

“My heart was stretched as she poured out her story faster and faster. She grew more animated and emotional with each memory. It was easy to see that her pain was still so real after all these years. There was a flash in her eyes as she waved her hands to strongly emphasize her point. Now and then she would reach out and clutch my shoulders, and return to holding my hands again as she moved on in her story.

“I had little understanding of her words, but a deep understanding of her struggles and sorrows. Amazing, isn’t it, that even without common language the heart can understand and emotions can be shared? We hugged her and blessed her as we departed and asked God to give her spiritual eyes to see His glory. Thank you, Bridges for Peace, for allowing me to experience my heart’s desire. I will forever cherish this opportunity.”

<img style="height: auto; max-width: 100%; display: block; -webkit-user-drag: none;" title="Bridges for Peace staff providing food for the needy
PFleming/bridgesforpeace.com” src=”//static.bridgesforpeace.com/img/made/images/content/appeal/AP-Web-0315_2_165_157_80.jpg” alt=”” width=”165″ height=”157″> Bridges for Peace staff providing food for the needy Photo: PFleming / bridgesforpeace.com

Shoshan is just one of the 28,000 we are helping each month. They are real people, with real pains, concerns and hopes. They are some of the ones that Yeshua was talking about.

I imagine that you, like most of us, have a food budget. I can picture you sitting at your kitchen table making the weekly grocery list, perhaps adjusting it to fit the budget. We also have a weekly food budget. The difference is simply one of numbers. We budget to provide food for 28,000 people. Sometimes we have to adjust the gift depending on the current budget, just like you do. I want to thank you for your caring heart. I want to thank you for finding room in your budget to feed the needy of Israel. Thank you for showing love to Yeshua by feeding the “least of these His brethren.”

Your generous gift will allow us to provide food for Shoshan and 27,999 others.

Blessing from Israel,
Rebecca J. Brimmer
International President and CEO