Rebuilding the Lives that Went up in Smoke

May 28, 2019
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Rebuilding the Lives that Went up in Smoke

This past weekend, Israel battled a rash of devastating wildfires raging across the country. The first fire started on Thursday afternoon, as Israel sweltered in the grips of a scorching heat wave. Over the next 41 hours, a staggering 1,022 more fires ignited, translating to a new blaze sparked every two-and-a-half minutes. Firefighters and volunteers battled around the clock in temperatures soaring above 118º F (48º C) in certain areas to bring the flames under control. Their tireless efforts bore fruit. As the sun set on Saturday evening, authorities declared that the last fire had been quenched.

The battle against the blazes has been won, yet the damage inflicted is horrendous. Some 7,940 dunams (1,962 acres) of forests, orchards and fields were reduced to smoldering ashes. More than 3,500 Israelis were evacuated. Tragically, 50 homes were burned up in the sea of flames. The village of Mevo Modi’im, located in central Israel, was completely destroyed, the charred shells of homes and cars standing as the only reminder of a once thriving community.  

Now that the fires have been quenched, many Israelis will come face-to-face with the devastating reality that they have nowhere to return to and that all their earthly possessions have been burned to cinders. However, the fire robbed them of more than furniture, cars, clothes and keepsakes. Treasured memories, a sense of security and the foundation of life as they knew it also vanished in smoke. All that remains is the heartbreaking reality of rebuilding what was destroyed.

They will not face this task alone. Bridges for Peace will be alongside them, offering the physical means and the helping hand they need so desperately. We have pledged an initial US $50,000 in assistance, but we need the help of Christians who love and support Israel to deliver our promised amount and more. The funds will help families who lost everything obtain the essentials they need to start a new life. It will enable them to go shopping for items like clothes, toiletries and school supplies for the children. 

Will you give generously to our Crisis Assistance Fund to help Israeli families restore the lives, the homes and the security that went up in smoke?