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October 1, 2013
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Dear Friends:

The past two weeks have been deeply traumatic for the people of Israel. Long lines were seen at gas mask distribution points; everyone was talking about the ever-increasing possibility of attack from Syria, Syrian rebels, and Iran. Russian, American, and UK war ships and submarines filled the waters on Israel’s coastline. Hizbullah called up all their reserve soldiers, at least 10,000, to fight for Assad. Iranian officials threatened to attack the US and Israel if Syria was attacked. Swords were rattling on every side. As I write this letter, Russia is attempting to broker a deal with Syria to eliminate the vast amount of Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) that Syria has, over 1,000 tons, according to US Secretary of State John Kerry. The news reports say that Russia is promising to provide quantities of conventional weaponry to help Assad crush the rebels in exchange for getting rid of the WMDs. The United States is hoping that a diplomatic solution will work, but nothing is certain at this time. By the time you read this, the situation will undoubtedly have changed, as it is in an extremely fluid state. But, it is highly doubtful that a solution will have been found. The Middle East is in crisis. Chaos is reigning in the nations around Israel. The one thing all these Islamic states and groups seem to have in common is a hatred of Israel.  Even when Israel is not involved in the conflict, the nation is threatened from all sides.


This is the time when we need to ask you to help us prepare to meet the needs of the children of Israel—when the crisis and chaos spill over the borders and overwhelm the citizens of Israel. Full-out war could erupt at any moment in this highly combustible environment. In 2006, we had a limited engagement with Hizbullah in Lebanon, and northern Israel was crippled. We were inundated with requests for food as a million people languished in bomb shelters for over a month, with missiles blanketing northern Israel. We must be prepared for the next conflict. We have food in storage, but not enough. Your gift to the Victims of War fund will help us reach out in love to the people of Israel in times of great need.

Another Kind of Crisis

Bridges for Peace has been so blessed by God. Even though the world has been in a financial recession for several years, our projects have been funded and we have not had to diminish a single project. However, this year, even though our faithful friends around the world have continued to give, unfavorable currency exchange rates from all nations have resulted in our having fewer shekels to purchase food in Israel. We have been using reserve funds to make up the difference, but cannot continue to do so much longer. We are praying that God will intervene on our behalf so we don’t have to stop helping some of the precious souls who are depending on our assistance. Every program is in jeopardy—unless there is a miracle of provision. Please pray with us that the currencies would even out in such a way that we are not losing money. We are also praying that God would give us additional sources of income.

I come to you, not as strangers who don’t know about Bridges for Peace; I come to you, our friends, and ask you to help us. If everyone would add 10% to their gift over the next three months, we would not have to cut our programs.

God Has Called Us for Such A Time As This

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I am 100% convinced that God has called us for “such a time as this.” Please join us in showing His love to the people of Israel. Your generous gift will allow us to help thousands of Israelis this month. May God protect and defend Israel. “He who keeps Israel will neither slumber nor sleep.” (Psa. 121:4). The Bridges for Peace team in Israel is ready to stay in the midst of trouble. We are ready to be the hands and feet of the Lord to the Jewish people. Will you partner with us?

In His strength, from a nervous Israel,

Rebecca J. Brimmer
International President and CEO