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Ask the Lord for Rain!

October 23, 2019
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Zechariah 10:1 starts with these words: “Ask the Lord for rain.” Rain is an absolutely essential ingredient for life! Without it, everything dies. Without rain there will be no crops, no food and no sustenance. Today I am asking the Lord for rain. I am asking the Lord for His provision. Jesus (Yeshua) in teaching His disciples to pray included the line, “Give us this day our daily bread” (Matt. 6:11). I am asking the Lord for provision to be able to continue feeding the needy of Israel. We have 22,140 people at our Bridges for Peace table. With the price of food increasing, less food will be put on the table, or fewer will be asked to dine with us. But this is not our heart. This is not the heart of our Father in heaven. Thousands more are asking to receive from our table—widows, orphans, Holocaust survivors, children and new immigrants. Today, we can’t invite them. So, I am asking the Lord for rain.

Thankful for His Blessing

Growing up in the United States, November was my favorite month because of my favorite holiday: Thanksgiving Day. The whole nation stops to say thanks. We feast, gather family around, give thanks and remember the less fortunate. Churches collect food for those in need. I love everything about this holiday. As I look at my life, I am counting my blessings. I have a roof over my head. I have abundant good quality food on my table. I have luxuries like a car, electronics, a washing machine and a dishwasher. I am blessed to be able to share my blessings with others. This week it was 14 young adults from around the world at my dinner table. What a blessing to be able to share the bounty that God has given. I have received His rain.

We are Blessed

Most people in the West are wealthy by the rest of the world’s standards. If you have food to eat every day and shelter, you are to be envied. If you have a car, you must be affluent. Why has God blessed us so? Is it so we can become complacent? Is it so we can become richer? I don’t think so. I believe He blesses us with abundance so we will share with others.

The Needy

Elisheva is a single mother of four who is suffering from irritable bowel syndrome. Two or her children have diabetes. Her husband abandoned the family after the second child was diagnosed with the disease. Suddenly, Elisheva was left alone to figure out how to provide for her and four children—and get the necessary medical care for her and her two children with illnesses. Soon after her husband left her, a social worker got involved in her situation. The social worker helped her apply for governmental support, which wasn’t even enough to pray rent on a poor place. Elisheva’s whole life changed. She needed to move to a cheaper place, and she needed more support to pay rent, electricity and medical bills. How can she even begin to feed a family of five? It is our privilege to be able to help this family and thousands more with life-giving food every month.

Can You Help?

As you give thanks for all God has done for you, will you share from your abundance with others? Many like Elisheva are waiting for our help in Israel. Will you share your blessing today?

For only US $25, we can provide a package of staple food for a family this month. Would you consider putting the Bridges for Peace Food project in your monthly budget? Can you budget an extra $25 a month to bless the people of Israel? Together we can invite many more to join our table. Together we can show God’s love and mercy to the people of Israel.

God has a circle of blessing. He blesses us so that we can take care of those in need. When we do so, He promises further blessing. I have learned that it is impossible to out-bless God!

“Blessed is he who considers the poor; the Lord will deliver him in time of trouble…and he will be blessed on the earth” (Ps. 41:1–2). Oh Lord, let it rain!

Blessings from Israel,

Rebecca J. Brimmer

International President and CEO