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Hope in Difficult Times

Greatest Ministry Need

June 1, 2016

Your contribution to this fund will be used to support the educational and operational costs of running Bridges for Peace.

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The Works of God Revealed

April 1, 2007

He walked in darkness. Born blind, he had never seen the face of his mother, the glories of creation, or even understood what colors were. Then one day, his world changed forever. He encountered Yeshua (Jesus), who in one amazing moment gave him sight. Yeshua’s disciples questioned, “Rabbi, who sinned, this man or his parents,

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Education – Touches Lives and Hearts for Israel

January 1, 2006

Most of the world views Israel through the eyes of CNN, Fox News, NBC, BBC, or other secular news agencies. Have you ever noticed that most news is negative? When we hear the news in our own country, we balance the negativity with our knowledge of all that is good in our country; but when

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