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Save a Life, Save a Universe


Israel, Abraham Accord Allies Move ahead with Cooperation

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Israel, Qatar, Saudi Sit Down for Historic Meeting to Discuss Iran

Life in Israel

“Little Israel Becomes Major Player in Global Energy Market”


Psalm 102 - Time to Favor Zion


Bridges For Peace: Christians supporting Israel and building relationships

between Christians and Jews in Israel and around the world


Hearing the Invisible

By Rev. Cheryl Hauer, International Vice President

How often have you heard Christians commenting on what they understand as a lack of faith displayed by the Israelites? The question often is: “How could they have been so unbelieving after all they had seen?” After all, they had just witnessed the gods of Egypt defeated by the God of heaven. They watched in disbelief as the Egyptians surrendered their valuables to former slaves, sending them forth with the wealth of the greatest civilization of the Mediterranean world at the time. They witnessed the astonishing parting of the sea and stood in safety on the other side, watching as Pharaoh’s powerful armies were destroyed. Continue reading…

Artist Colonies of Israel

Nathan Williams, Director of Marketing and Communications

Many of us are familiar with the names of neighborhoods that originated from Christians establishing religious colonies in Israel. The American and German colonies are famous, among many others. Perhaps less well known is that scattered throughout Israel are another kind of colony: artistic colonies. An artists’ colony is a community where artists work, create and even live together, drawing inspiration from their surroundings. Each of these artist communities has its own unique atmosphere where eccentricity is wholly embraced. Continue reading…

Extraordinary Educational Experience

Institute of Israel Studies

15 – 28 May 2022

Bridges for Peace is honored to invite you to enroll in the Institute of Israel Studies 2022. Join us for a combination of curriculum—presented by a lineup of Bridges for Peace senior leaders and prominent Israeli role players in the political, religious, defense, societal, advocacy, and historical landscape—and guided visits to sites of biblical significance. The discussions and guided visits have been tailor-made to ensure that every person who goes through this program will leave Israel with in-depth knowledge, understanding, and hands-on experience of the Land of Israel and its role in history, prophecy, and the future. Click here to learn more.

Call to Zion Tour

A gathering of young adults from around the world for a 12-day Israel experience

Our next tour begins Summer 2022

Registration open!

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