Providing Food to the Hungry


Abbas Blames Israel for Terrorism, Snubs Meeting with Rivlin

Current Issues

Flying Safe the Israeli Way--the world is knocking on Israel's door to learn the secrets of their success in the area of airport security.

Life in Israel

Hiking the Salad Trail--BFP visits an organic farm in southern Israel where the desert is blooming in fulfillment of God's Word.


50 years ago, our founder, Dr. Young, established a foundation from which Christians today can bless Israel. This exciting 4-minute video tells the story!

Bridges For Peace: Christians supporting Israel and building relationships

between Christians and Jews in Israel and around the world

A Giving Heart

There is an old Christian adage that says, “There are three conversions a person needs to experience: the conversion of the head, the conversion of the heart and the conversion of the pocketbook.” Credited to Christian leaders in the 16th century, the comment seems to indicate that the relationship between believers and their financial resources has long been a complicated one, remaining so even today.

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Biblical Flora of the Holy Land

By Kathy DeGagne, BFP Staff Writer

D616_p18-19_3The Holy Land of today is rich with vegetation of every description. Ancient Israel would have looked even more lush. The cedars of Lebanon were famous throughout the known world; Bashan had towering pines and oaks; and the Jordan Valley was treed with date palms. Olives, figs, pomegranates and grapes made the land fruitful. From the more than 125 plants mentioned in Scripture, we’ve picked a few to highlight here.

Almond: “The word of the Lord came to me: ‘What do you see, Jeremiah?’ ‘I see the branch of an almond tree,’ I replied. The Lord said to me, ‘You have seen correctly, for I am watching to see that my word is fulfilled’” (Jer. 1:11–12 NIV).

The Hebrew word for almond (shaked) is similar to the word for watchful, wakeful or hasten. The almond tree is the first tree to awaken from winter and heralds the coming of spring. Masses of beautiful, pinkish-white blossoms blanket the trees, covering the Israeli landscape in feathery white foliage.  Click here to read more.

Solidarity Mission Tour 

Encounter the Truth in Israel

November 7 – 10, 2016

The eyes of the world are on Israel and yet the media often gives a distorted image of events there. The reality is that Israel is the center of what God is doing in the world today. Bridges for Peace invites you to come and see for yourself. You will

  • encounter firsthand the miracle of Israel;
  • encounter the real Israel as you pray and walk the land;
  • encounter the truth about current events as you learn from Israeli leaders;
  • and encounter the God of Israel in this amazing place where He has placed His name forever.

Call to Zion

A gathering of young people from around the world

for an 11-day Israel experience.

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