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US United Nations Ambassador Nominee: UN’s Bias Against Israel is “Outrageous”

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Understanding Israel’s Message on ISIS-Inspired Terror in Jerusalem

Life in Israel

The battle for Israel's history has not changed significantly since this article was written in 2011.


Watch the video to see how BFP is helping Israelis rebuild their lives after the recent fires.

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Bridges For Peace: Christians supporting Israel and building relationships

between Christians and Jews in Israel and around the world


Prayer and Israel

In 1982, I was in my bedroom reading my Bible and praying about whether or not to join a trip to Israel. As I thumbed through my Bible, it fell open to Isaiah 62. The words leaped off the page. I felt like my soul was branded with these words,

“For Zion’s sake I will not keep silent, and for Jerusalem’s sake I will not keep quiet, until her righteousness goes forth like brightness, and her salvation like a torch that is burning…

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Who Leads the Palestinian People?

By: Ilse Posselt, BFP News Correspondent

The region called the Middle East is known for many things: oceans of oil hidden beneath vast plains of burning sand, camels, the Arab Spring and calls to prayer. Yet conspicuously absent from the list of distinguishing features is a line item called “flourishing democracies.”

The reason for the omission is obvious. Apart from tiny Israel, the nearly 20 countries located in this troubled region are simply not famous for thriving political climates conducive to fairness and transparency. Instead of a succession of democratically-elected leaders dedicated to govern their citizens towards a prosperous future, history has taught the populations who call this region home to live under self-seeking monarchs, dictators and religious fanatics—to the severe detriment of the people.  Click here to read more.

 Call to Zion

A gathering of young people from around the world for an 11-day Israel experience.

Join the next tour July 30 – Aug 10, 2017.


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