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Two Major Finds in Goliath’s Home Town

August 24, 2010
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Prof. Aren Maeir of Bar-Ilan University's Martin (Szusz) Department of Land of Israel Studies and Archaeology announced the discoveries in July, along with a number of ritual items, dating back to the Iron Age (10th century BC).

Maeir, who has directed the excavations at Tel es-Safi/Gath for 13 years, commented that with its two central pillars, the Philistine temple, “…is reminiscent of the architectural image that is described in the well-known Biblical story of Samson and the Philistines, when Samson knocks down the temple by standing between the pillars and pushing them down.” He says this may indicate that such temples were common in Philistia at the time.

The team, comprising participants from the US, Canada, Australia, Spain, Italy, Germany, Switzerland, UK, Holland, Poland and Israel, also found impressive evidence of an earthquake in the 8th century BC, reminiscent of the one mentioned in the Book of Amos 1:1, which they assessed at a magnitude of eight on the Richter scale.

Posted on August 24, 2010

Source: (By Israel 21c, August 23, 2010)

Photo Credit: Photo by Israel21c

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