Syria Accuses Israel of Series of Air Strikes

September 1, 2020

by: Kate Norman

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Eleven people were killed in alleged Israeli airstrikes near Damascus on Monday night (illustrative).

Tuesday, 1 September 2020 | A series of overnight air strikes outside Damascus and southern Syria, which were attributed to Israel, killed two to five fighters and injured others, according to multiple Syrian sources. The strikes hit Syrian regime military targets where Hezbollah members were located, according to watchdog group Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR). 

British-based SOHR reported that five Iranian-backed fighters were killed in the strike—three of whom were not Syrian (likely Iranian)—and ten others were injured. The Syrian state-affiliated SANA news agency reported that two soldiers were “martyred” and seven others injured as well as material damage.

A Syrian civilian woman was reportedly killed and her husband injured south of Damascus, but conflicting reports disagree whether she was killed in the Israeli strike or by Syrian antiaircraft fire.

This was likely the first time Israel has conducted an air strike in Syria since the July 20 air strike in which a Hezbollah fighter was killed—prompting the terror group’s leader to vow revenge against Israel. The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) has been on high alert along the Jewish state’s northern border since then, with a few cross-border attempts occurring from Hezbollah fighters out of Syria and Lebanon.

Israel has not commented on Monday night’s strikes as per its policy to keep quiet on its involvement in cross-border operations. However, Israeli leaders have acknowledged conducting hundreds of strikes in Syria since 2013 on military targets and weapons shipments tied to Iran and its proxies. Tehran used the chaos of the Syrian civil war as an opportunity to get its foot in the door of the war-torn nation to use as a springboard to launch attacks against Israel.

The Jewish state has vowed to block the Islamic regime from entrenching itself on Israel’s back door and has established a strategy of “war-between-wars” campaigns in which it conducts strikes on Iranian and proxy terror targets in Syria and occasionally Lebanon.

Posted on September 1, 2020

Source: (Bridges for Peace, September 1, 2020)

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