Survey: Half of Diaspora Jews Want Regular Contact with Israel

June 4, 2020

by: Yaniv Pohoryles

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A pro-Israel rally in LA

Thursday, 4 June 2020 | Nearly half of Diaspora [the Jewish population outside Israel] Jews are interested in regular contact with the State of Israel to promote initiatives and activities connecting Jews, says a survey conducted by Genesis Philanthropy Group, a collective of foundations focusing on strengthening Jewish engagement around the world.

Almost 50% of voters said that the common destiny of the Jewish people is a world in which the State of Israel and Jewish communities around the world continuously support each other in initiatives of mutual respect, frameworks for dialogue and a wide range of activities for Jews of all ages.

A quarter of Diaspora Jews want to establish a democratically elected body of Jews from around the world to which the government of Israel will turn for advice on issues of concern to world Jewry.

Moreover, half of the respondents believe that the Jewish people’s common destiny is ensuring the well-being and security of Israel and Jews worldwide.

The survey is part of the Our Common Destiny initiative—launched by Genesis Philanthropy Group and the State of Israel, under the auspices of President Reuven Rivlin—whose goal is to unite the Jewish people worldwide around a common goal and provide a better future for the people and mankind as a whole.

The document compiles values and principles that are meant to connect and unite all Jews, wherever they live.

Some 12,000 Jews from around the world have already filled out the survey, which will remain open until the end of the year, and its findings will be presented to President Rivlin, featuring new perspectives from all over the world.

Posted on June 4, 2020

Source: (Ynetnews originally published this article on June 3, 2020. Time-related language has been modified to reflect our republication today. See original article at this link.)

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