Netanyahu: Home Front Drill Preplanned

May 24, 2010

by: Attila Somfalvi

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IDF Home Front Drill

According to Netanyahu, “Israel seeks calm, stability and peace, but it’s no secret that we live in a region threatened by rockets and missiles.” The prime minister added that “the best defense is developing a deterrence and defense system, and we are investing large budgets for this purpose.” Defense Minister Ehud Barak addressed the drill as well, saying that it was aimed at “drawing lessons.” We have no plans to launch a war and we seek calm and peace, he said, but “a state like Israel must be prepared—and we are prepared.”

Netanyahu also addressed a Wall Street Journal report that Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas is considering increasing his offer for a land swap with Israel [in a peace deal]—a report which has already been denied by the Palestinian Authority. “There is no such offer and we are not discussing it,” the prime minister said.

Posted on May 24, 2010

Source: Ynetnews, May 23, 2010

Photo Credit: Isranet