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Lapid: Israel May Act to End Security Crisis in South as IDF Increases Troop Deployment

August 5, 2022

by: Yoav Zitun, Itamar Eichner ~ Ynetnews

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This unmanned ground vehicle with 360 degree cameras is used by the IDF along the Gaza border (illustrative).

Friday, 5 August 2022 | Prime Minister Yair Lapid said on Thursday that Israel would not hesitate to take action against terrorists who threaten civilians, as the IDF [Israel Defense Forces] bolstered its troop deployment along the Gaza border.

Speaking after a briefing by security officials on the tension in the south, Lapid said Israel will continue to operate against terror suspects.

“We fully understand the difficulty of residents along the border,” Lapid said. “We will not allow their lives to be disrupted for long, but our first concern is for their safety.”

The IDF has imposed travel restrictions on the border area for a third straight day, after intelligence information suggested the Islamic Jihad faction in Gaza, was planning to launch attacks against Israelis, in retaliation for the arrest earlier in the week of a senior member of the group in Jenin.

Bassam al Saadi was arrested by the IDF in the Jenin refugee camp. He was suspected of arranging funds and weapons to enlist Palestinians to carry out attacks against Israelis.

Al Saadi was said to have paid $300 for a successful terror attack and $100 for strikes that were not successful.

In a video message to local residents, Brig. General Nimrod Aloni, the commander of the Gaza division, said the military observed preparations made by the Islamic Jihad to launch attacks across the border, to target civilians and troops.

“Road closures will remain in place as long as is needed as the security of civilians is of primary concern,” he said.

“The forces are on high alert and along with our defensive measures, the military is deploying more troops to the area, in case of an armed conflict,” he said.

In addition to calling up reserves, the IDF has also suspended leave in some of the combat units, which may be sent to the south.

According to a report in the Palestinian Al-Quds newspaper in Jerusalem, the Islamist faction told an Egyptian delegation in Gaza [in order] to bring about an end to the security crisis; that they demand to see proof that al Saadi was unharmed by his Israeli captors as well as a resolution of the 144 day hunger strike of another member of the Islamic Jihad held in prison in Israel.

The terror group told the visiting Egyptians that they were not interested in a violent conflict but reserved the right to respond to the “the crimes perpetrated by the enemy occupiers,” the paper reported.

Posted on August 5, 2022

Source: (This article was originally published by Ynetnews on August 4, 2022. Time-related language has been modified to reflect our publication today. See original article at this link.)

Photo Credit: Israel Defense Forces/

Photo License: Wikimedia

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