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John Kerry Reassures Israel

June 29, 2010

by: Edgar Asher

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John Kerry, Shimon Peres

Regarding the threat from Iran, Senator Kerry remarked, “No one in the United States underestimates or mistakes the challenge that Iran is posing to the region. And as you know, we have just been dealing with the Iran Sanctions Act. We have put some tough sanctions into place…and in the Senate, we just went further last week. Iran has not left anybody very much choice but to move down the road that we are going.”

President Peres welcomed the Senator warmly, “I do not believe that we can move [forward in the peace process] without the leadership of the United States. Relations between Israel and the United States are on good and stable ground. We are very grateful to the United States for their strong support of Israel. It is important to raise the level of discussion between Israel and the Palestinians from proximity talks to direct talks. It is also necessary to have a secret channel, because everything made public is no longer negotiations, but rather publication relations.”

President Peres said that the Middle East is currently witnessing a dangerous trend: Iran is arming Syria, Hizbullah, and Hamas with long-range missiles. He then stated that a modern anti-missile system in the Middle East would both weaken the motivation of certain parties to collect missiles and halt Iran’s ambition to become a hegemonic power.

Posted on June 29, 2010

Source: Isranet, June 27, 2010

Photo Credit: Isranet

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