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Israel Takes Top Spot as World’s Fifth Most Educated Country

October 20, 2022

by: Kate Norman

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The Hebrew University of Jerusalem is one of Israel’s foremost academic institutions.

Thursday, 20 October 2022 | Israel is the fifth most educated country in the world, with more than half of its population having received higher education, according to a report by education search platform Erudera.

Canada came in first as the most educated country, with nearly 60% of its population having a secondary education, followed by Japan, Luxembourg and South Korea. Israel came in fifth with 51.12%, ranking ahead of the United States, Ireland, the United Kingdom, Australia and Finland.

“Each of these countries have a higher share of the population with a higher tertiary [post-secondary] degree than the OECD [Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development] average, which stands at 39%,” the Erudera report said.

The report also noted the commonalities that nations ranked highest for education shared: higher per capita GDP, low unemployment, more money invested in higher education and higher ranks on the overall happiness index.

The list ranked Israel among the countries with the highest per capita GDP (US $43,610.52), following Luxembourg, Ireland, Austria, the US and Finland.

These countries all have low unemployment percentages, Erudera pointed out. Among the countries listed as the most educated, South Korea has the lowest unemployment rate with 2.5%, followed by Japan, Australia, UK, the US and Luxembourg. Israel trails with a 5.05% unemployment rate, followed by Canada, Ireland and Finland.

These countries all also appeared on the OECD’s list of nations who invest the most money per student in higher education. Luxembourg tops the list with US $47,694 per student, followed by the US with $34,036, the UK with US $29,911, Canada with US $24,498, Australia with US $20,647, Japan with US $19,309, Finland with US $18,170 and Ireland with US $17,125. Israel follows with US $12,336 invested per student, followed by South Korea with US $11,290.

And those investments pay off. Countries with educated populations have a higher quality of life. The countries topping the list of the 2022 World Happiness Report are all familiar: Finland at number 1, Luxembourg in sixth place, Israel in ninth, followed by Australia at 12, Ireland at 13, Canada at 15, the US at 16 and the UK at 17.

Posted on October 20, 2022

Source: (Bridges for Peace, October 20, 2022)

Photo Credit: MediaPhoto.Org/

Photo License: Wikimedia

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