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Israel Continues Search for Family’s Killers; Mass Arrests Reported

March 15, 2011
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Condemnations of the murders were widespread and included a statement by Palestinian Authority [PA] head Mahmoud Abbas on Israel Radio and a statement by the leading Israeli Arab parliamentarian, Dr. Ahmad Tibi, who said the act brought shame to Palestinians. Nevertheless, Prime Minister Netanyahu and his government continue to lay the blame on the continual incitement by the PA.  

On Monday, the Prime Minister’s Office released a chronology of acts it calls “incitement,” the most recent being this week’s naming of a public square in honor of a terrorist who killed 35 Israelis in 1978. Palestinians argue that the murders, which many believe were spontaneous acts by the killers rather than an attack planned by a terrorist organization, come as attacks by Jewish residents of post-1967 areas against Palestinian neighbors is increasing.  

Security officials believe that regardless of the genesis of Friday’s attack, it could trigger a new wave of violence unless both governments act to prevent it.

Posted on March 15, 2011

Source: (By The Media Line, March 15, 2011)

Photo Credit: The Media Line

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