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Hunt Continues for Murderers of Israeli Family

March 14, 2011
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The sixth Fogel child, a 12-year old girl, returned home from a youth event to discover the carnage.  

Thousands of Israelis turned out for the funeral in Jerusalem on Sunday. Although security experts were not able to say that the attack was carried out on assignment from a known terrorist organization—even Hamas said it was not its sort of mission—Israeli authorities insist that whoever was responsible was inspired by the incitement of the Palestinian Authority [PA.].  

Prime Minister [Benjamin] Netanyahu made the point in a speech to the nation on Saturday night [March 12] and prior to Sunday’s cabinet meeting, telling his ministers that by naming streets and scholarships in honor of terrorists the P.A. breeds violence. 

Posted on March 14, 2011

Source: (Excerpts of an article by The Media Line, March 13, 2011)

Photo Credit: Photo by Isranet

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