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God Answers Prayer

August 26, 2016

by: Cheryl Hauer

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“Praying Hands” by Albrecht Dürer.

Friday, 26 August 2016 | For a number of years the BDS (Boycott, Divestment and Sanction) movement was like a pesky fly buzzing about the heads of Israeli politicians… irritating but certainly not life-threatening. But, as the movement grew and garnered global support, that perception began to change. Gradually it became apparent that if all of the international governments and corporations made good on their BDS threats, it would result in billions of dollars of lost revenue for the State of Israel. Add to that the burgeoning platform for spewing forth historical revisionism and vitriolic anti-Israel propaganda and suddenly that fly was not just a pest. It is indeed life-threatening. Three years ago Benjamin Netanyahu listed the BDS movement in the top three most serious threats faced by the nation of Israel and it has remained there since.

Throughout this time, Bridges for Peace has worked very hard to keep our subscribers and prayer warriors informed of the latest developments regarding the BDS movement. We recognize that with BDS, as with all things Israel, prayer is the most powerful weapon we have against the forces of evil that are bent on Israel’s destruction. We know that you, our subscribers, took this information very seriously and have prayed earnestly and faithfully.

And today the tables are turning. In June 2015, US President Barack Obama signed an anti-BDS bill into law. Since that time dozens of American states and cities have passed various forms of anti-BDS legislation and dozens more are considering similar legislation at this time. Globally the situation is changing as well.  The United Kingdom, France, Austria, Germany and Spain have all enacted their own forms of anti-BDS legislation. Corporations, academic institutions and the arts are beginning to take strength from the protection they are afforded by such legislation and stand up against the evils of BDS.

It can be said that these successes are the result of a lot of hard work on the part of dedicated men and women who are experts in such matters. And that would be true. Yes, there have been countless hours of behind-the-scenes political maneuvering. Yes, there have been arduous face-to-face encounters between pro-Israel and BDS leaders. Yes, there have been difficult legal battles. But as people of faith, we know the God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob, the God who loves Israel with an everlasting love, is also a God who hears and answers prayer.

At Bridges for Peace, we’re convinced that the prayers of Christians and Jews around the world are in a large part responsible for the victories being won against the evil of BDS. So let’s not stop. The war isn’t over; there are still many battles to be won. But with faithful friends like you, praying with power and authority, Israel cannot lose. Thank you for what you have done and what you will do for the sake of Israel and to bring honor and glory to the name of Israel’s God.

Posted on August 26, 2016

Source: (Bridges for Peace, 26 August 2016)