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Why Do We Support Israel? 

October 25, 2021
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It is a question I have asked myself, and I recently asked our worldwide leadership team to check their motivation. Why do we bless Israel?

I don’t bless Israel because Israel is perfect. After over 30 years in the Land, I see the positive and the negative. I don’t bless Israel because I desire fame or fortune. Although I am happy that God says He will bless those who bless Abraham and his descendants, that is not my primary motivation. I serve the nation and people of Israel because I love the God of Israel. Serving Him, answering His call and loving those He loves are the most important things in my life.

At Bridges for Peace, we rejoice as we see God fulfilling His promises to Israel. We pray for Israel. We help Jewish people come home from the Diaspora (Jewish population outside Israel). We welcome new immigrants. We help widows and orphans. We give food to those in need. We encourage lonely Holocaust survivors. We do all of this because we love God and have answered His call to partner with Him as He fulfills His Word. In the book of Ezekiel, He tells us His motivation when He repeatedly says He is doing things for Israel so the nations will know that He is God.

People in Need


A mother of two (aged 9 and 12) recently went through a difficult divorce.She was left with huge debts. Then, because of COVID, she lost her job. We partnered with the southern city of Arad to help this struggling family until she was able to find work and support her family again.A woman in her 60s was suddenly widowed as her husband died from a COVID-related illness. Suddenly her life was turned upside down. Her bank account was closed because a bank form was not filled out.Until the life insurance came through, we assisted with some of the costs relating to the funeral and helped her during her days of deepest grief. “Blessed are those who mourn, for they shall be comforted(Matt. 5:4).

Liam is a young boy enrolled in our Feed a Child program. His mother, a single parent, struggles to support her family. His older brother is in trouble with the law; his older unmarried sister got pregnant and lives in their home with her child. They have had to move several times because they can’t afford the rent. Amid all the chaos, Liam loves to go to school. There he receives a good lunch, and all his needs are met because of Christian sponsors. It has become his safe place.

Yuri and Viktoria made aliyah (immigration to Israel) from Ukraine just before the Gaza war in May. They moved to Ashdod, which two weeks later was under constant rocket fire for almost 10 days. Making aliyah is challenging by itself, and to undergo such a frightening experience at the beginning of your stay is overwhelming.

They were one of the couples we recently blessed with immigrant welcome gifts. Viktoria curiously opened the bag of utensils that goes with the pots and pans. A bright smile appeared on her face as she exclaimed: “I needed this sooo much. Thank you! I am so happy.” They also received blankets and a Hebrew/Russian Tanakh (Old Testament).

One thousand four hundred Holocaust survivors were blessed with food gifts for Rosh HaShanah (the Jewish New Year). We included a beautiful, handcrafted ceramic honey pot for the traditional apples and honey eaten on this holiday.

This is just a glimpse into the lives of a few we have helped, showing them the love of God through Christian support of Israel. We met needs, we brought light into dark situations and we brought encouragement, all while knowing that we are partnering with God to fulfill His word and show His character to the world.

Thank you for joining us in this work. Your support makes it possible for us to continue helping thousands each month with food and encouragement. You have shown the Lord how much you love Him and His purposes in Israel and the world. Your gift, no matter how large or small, is an investment into the Kingdom of God.

Blessings from Israel,
Rebecca J. Brimmer
International President and CEO

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