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Shifting Gears

December 1, 2014
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If you have ever driven a manual transmission car you know the need to react rapidly to changing speeds by shifting up or down. In 2014 Israel has frequently had to shift quickly in response to changing reality. It has been a stressful and challenging year for Israel and worldwide Jewry. We witnessed an increase in aliyah (immigration to Israel) as Jewish people increasingly felt the sting of anti-Semitism. Anti-Semitic action, especially in Europe, reached levels unseen since the

time of the Second World War. We lived through a 50-day-long conflict in which more than 4,000 rockets blanketed a large swath of Israel, and tunnels designed for terror were discovered. For more than half a year there has been unrest in Jerusalem with frequent riots, violence and instability. We saw shifting alliances in the region and the world. Just when one event seemed over, Israel was catapulted into another attack, and her leaders had to quickly shift gears once again. Nation after nation put unreal pressure on Israel; even the United States, traditionally viewed as Israel’s greatest ally!

At Bridges for Peace we also felt the need to shift our emphasis on projects to enable us to meet the needs that arose. We highlighted the crisis issues and didn’t report as much about our regular programs in Israel, even though each is an amazing tool that shows the people of Israel they are not alone and helps them feel the love of God through Christians.


Repairing homes (Photo:Hikaru/bridgesforpeace)

Shifting Times

Time and again we shifted gears in order to meet the changing needs around us. As we look forward, I believe that 2015 will continue to be tumultuous, and we will have to be ready to quickly shift directions as events transpire.

Many Christian leaders and intercessors are sensing that we are in an important time of history—a shifting time. There are signs in the heavens which millions watch. There is a renewed interest in the biblical feasts and the sh’mitah year and what it signifies. Undoubtedly, God is at work, and we need to shift as He shifts. The words in Psalm 102:13 resound in my heart, “You will arise and have mercy on Zion; for the time to favor her, yes the set time has come.”


BFP volunteer packing food bags

I believe we are in this “Set Time.” God has prepared Bridges for Peace for this shifting time—this “Set Time” to speak truth to His Church and minister love to His people Israel. We need you to join with us in prayer, in action and with generous gifts. Please pray about which project you should support this month. Each project is accomplishing great things for God’s kingdom.

Buckle your seat belts; we will be shifting gears with God!

Blessings from Israel,
Rebecca J. Brimmer
International President and CEO