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Be Part of God’s Miracle Team

November 29, 2017
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This is the season of miracles. Christians celebrate the miracle of Jesus’ (Yeshua’s) birth. Jewish people celebrate the miracle of God’s provision of anointed oil during Hanukkah. All of us celebrate the miracle of the State of Israel, as we have witnessed her miraculous rebirth and the ingathering of the Jewish people. At every step of the way, God has acted in miraculous ways. In fact, David Ben Gurion, Israel’s first prime minister said, “In order to be a realist in Israel, you must believe in miracles!” Agreed! The very existence of Israel is a miracle.

Interestingly, God used many devout Christians to partner with Him in His miracle-working business. Lord Balfour was one such Christian, used by God to help bring about the State of Israel. The Balfour Declaration, written 100 years ago, was the instrument by which God opened the way for British support of a Jewish homeland. Countless other Christians rescued Jewish people during the Holocaust, fought alongside the Jews in their War of Independence and encouraged Jewish leaders to have faith, often at critical points in history. God used fighters from Australia and New Zealand to break through Turkish lines 100 years ago, and release the holy land from Muslim rule for the first time in hundreds of years. Like those of times past, God is using Christians to bring miracles to the Jewish people today as they return from the lands of their dispersion.

Christians Providing “Miracles”

An immigrant family came to our center and received blankets, pots and pans, a Russian/Hebrew Bible, and school supplies for their children through our Welcome Gift Program. With thankful hearts they wrote this note, “Hello, dear friends! I hasten to express my deep heartfelt gratitude to your organization. We are a family of new immigrants in Israel. We came from Russia. We learned about you from people like us. You create a miracle. You cannot imagine how nice it is to receive such necessary gifts. We came to the country, bringing with us only clothes; our life starts from scratch, and it is not easy to immediately establish in a new country. We need a lot of things. Your help is invaluable! Now I can cook more meals for my beloved family. Soon winter starts, and warm blankets from you is a wonderful gift, they will warm not only the body, but our soul. My daughter is very happy with the gift to the school, from her a special thanks to you! Thank you for what you are doing! You do good and create a miracle!”

A mother of four in Dimona is praising God for Christians who care. Her washing machine broke and she had no money to purchase another. Every day she was washing clothes by hand. Her hands were red and chapped from the strenuous work and detergents. Last week we gave her a brand-new washing machine. Her face lit up as she realized that her prayers for a miracle had been answered.

Our B’nei Menashe friend, Tvi, is beaming as his parents have arrived from India after a separation of 17 years. Christians gave to reunite this special family. God used us to provide their miracle.

Thousands of Jews from war-torn Ukraine are now at peace in Israel, rescued by Christians who gave in order to help them escape the horror their life had become.

Twenty-two thousand people receive food each month from Bridges for Peace—we are their miracle! Many Holocaust survivors, new immigrants and families living in poverty, look to us to provide the food they need to survive and to thrive.

Season of Miracles

At this special time of year, please remember the family of Jesus, who are looking for miracles. Some are waiting for help to come to Israel from many countries; others need a hand to settle in their new homeland or may just need basic sustenance. God is calling us, His Church, to be His hands and feet, bringing miracles of love, joy, encouragement and the practical things they need. Your generous gift to one of our projects will help us to provide their miracles.

We also want to bless you with a gift. Please send your prayer requests to intl.office@bridgesforpeace.com. Our team in Israel will pray for God to show His miracle-working grace in your lives.



Blessings from Israel,



Rebecca J. Brimmer
International President and CEO

Photo Credit: Hanukkiah: blueeyes/shutterstock.com