Our Father in Heaven

March 1, 2016
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AP316_Scissor attack

(Photo by Ashernet)

The words are familiar to every Christian who knows the Lord’s Prayer. They are also commonly found in Jewish prayer. The Hebrew words, “Avinu [our father] sh’bashamaim [that is in heaven],” form the opening line of a new song by Israeli singer, Gad Elbaz. My heart was moved as I watched the music video and saw the cry of his heart for God to help our broken, wounded world. His prayer is echoed in the hearts and minds of Israelis from every segment of society who call out to God for relief from the turmoil, terrorism and threats they face daily. Check it out on YouTube (Gad Elbaz, “Avinu”).

In Israel for the past months we have had no respite from constant terror attacks. It has become normal to carefully assess your surroundings as no one knows when the next attack will come. Men, women and children are knifed, stoned, shot and run over with cars. Tiny innocent children have been killed, or maimed. My heart is weeping for the children of Israel. I am also crying out, “Our Father in Heaven, hear our cry!” I join with the psalmist:

“Hear my cry, O God; attend to my prayer. From the end of the earth I will cry to You, when my heart is overwhelmed; lead me to the rock that is higher than I. For You have been a shelter for me, a strong tower from the enemy. I will abide in Your tabernacle forever; I will trust in the shelter of Your wings. Selah” (Ps. 61:1–4).


The family at the funeral for mother of six who was fatally stabbed (Photo by Ashernet)

Every month more Israeli families are plunged into mourning; while others begin endless rounds of hospital stays, operations and physical therapy.

As I write this letter, military helicopters are flying low overhead. Immediately I stop and pray. It is likely that someone is in distress at this very moment.

We Cry out for God’s Mercy

Join us in prayer as we cry out for God’s protection, mercy and compassion. At Bridges for Peace, our dedicated volunteers have also experienced the fear and danger, but we have experienced the peace that God gives in the midst of the storm as well. We are standing with the people of Israel in their time of need, and will continue to do so.


Our volunteers praying for food recipients (Photo by D.Williams/bridgesforpeace.com)

We continue to deliver food to those in need: Holocaust survivors, new immigrants, children, the wounded and those who mourn. We give in the name of the Lord. We want them to know that Christians around the world love them, are praying for them and are giving to meet their needs in times like these. It is important to provide for their basic needs when they are too overwhelmed to leave their homes. But often the time of mourning does not depart quickly. Many are deeply traumatized and need ongoing assistance. This is why we established our Victims of War (and terror) Fund.

We partner with Israeli organizations to bring comfort to mourning families, helping them to help each other. We sponsor camps for children who have lost a family member to terror or war. We provide medical equipment not covered by their medical insurance. When we can, we help hospitals and clinics acquire much-needed equipment and supplies.

I don’t want to just look at the news and shake my head in dismay. I want to be one of those followers of Yeshua (Jesus) who reaches out in practical ways—to feed, to comfort, to be a shoulder that can be leaned upon. I want to storm heaven in prayer. I want to invite you to join arms with us as we show Yeshua’s love to His natural family.

Join Us Today

Your prayers will avail much! Please pray for the peace of Jerusalem. Your gifts to our Food Project will help us to feed the people of Israel. Your gifts to the Victims of War Fund will help us to comfort the children of Israel. Thank you for partnering with us as we partner with God in Israel.

Blessings from Israel,

Rebecca J. Brimmer, International President and CEO