Oh Little Town of Bethlehem, how still we see thee lie…

November 29, 2017
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Many of us will be singing this beautiful song during the Christmas season. Today, Bethlehem, the place of Jesus’ birth, is no longer little, and it isn’t very peaceful. Millennia ago, when Mary and Joseph arrived, they had problems finding a place to stay. Today the Christians in Bethlehem have difficulty living in the cradle of Christianity. Once a thriving Christian town, today Bethlehem has a small Christian population. The town is governed by the Palestinian Authority, and the majority of those who live there are Muslims. Our Christian friends not only face physical persecution, they often struggle financially.

During this Christmas season, we want to bring some comfort to the Christians in Bethlehem. You can touch their lives. Your gift will help us to put food on their tables this festive season. Let your love and gifts flow back to the place our Savior was born. You can help suffering Christians have a blessed Christmas.

Give to our Arab Family Assistance project today.

Blessings from Israel,

Rebecca Brimmer
International President and CEO, Bridges for Peace