Life Is in the Blood

July 1, 2013
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Photo by Flickr IDF

We are living in a day when the Lord is doing amazing things in the earth—fulfilling prophecy, revealing Himself to the nations and reconnecting Christianity to its ancient Hebraic root. What a blessing to be alive at such a time! Bible believers are finding new depth in their faith, new insights into the Scriptures and new vibrancy in their walk with the Lord. Of course, in Jewish thought, with every blessing, there is also responsibility.

And, millions of Christians around the world are beginning to recognize the responsibility that comes with that blessing as a mandate to support and care for the Jewish people and the nation of Israel.

At Bridges for Peace, we are dedicated to expressing Christian love and commitment to the Jewish people on behalf of the Church worldwide. Through our many projects and programs, we express love to the people of Israel in practical ways that speak much louder than words. We are always alert for areas of real need in Israel, where our supporters around the world can stand in the gap.

A Virtual Blood Donation

We recently discovered such an opportunity and have become partners with Magen David Adom (Red Star of David—comparable to Red Cross) in a program called Heart to Heart, that is devoted to saving lives in Israel. With rising instability in the Middle East, the threat of imminent war, and the possibility of major earthquakes in Israel, Heart to Heart has launched a virtual blood donation campaign to maintain a plentiful blood supply for the State of Israel.

Heart to Heart supports Israel’s national blood bank, which always needs to increase its capacity and its actual blood supply to be prepared for whatever emergency the nation might face. Israel’s population has topped 8 million at a time when there are ever increasing threats from hostile neighbors. Now is the right time to help Israel maximize and protect its blood supply. Most nations of the world are able to call upon neighboring countries to help with a dwindling blood supply in times of crisis. European countries are helped by other European countries; Canada and the USA support one another in this way. But Israel has no such friendly neighbor to turn to in times of critical need.

Photo by Isranet

Of course, Israel’s blood supply is not just there for catastrophic events in the nation or region. Every day, Israelis face familiar challenges: car accidents, surgeries, child birth, and countless other situations require doctors to replenish blood that patients have lost.

Heart to Heart in Action

Sixteen-year-old Daniel Cantor Wultz had such a need for life-saving blood transfusions in 2006. Visiting Israel with his family during the Passover holiday, Daniel was on an outing when a suicide bomber detonated a belt full of explosives near the place he was standing. Seconds before, he had been a healthy teenage boy; suddenly, he was fighting for his life. In the first few hours after this horrific attack, Daniel required 80 units of blood to stabilize his condition as doctors struggled to save his life.

Shoshana’s is a story of the miracle of childbirth, and the complications that sometimes occur. Amid the sanctity of the Sabbath, she realized that she was in active labor and called an ambulance for help. Despite the fact that it was a day of rest when the Jewish people don’t work, Judaism teaches that saving lives supersedes all other values. The first ambulance arrived in minutes and the paramedics delivered Shosana’s healthy baby girl. However, during the birth, she suffered complications that caused severe bleeding and required three units of blood just to stay alive as doctors treated the cause of the bleeding. A few days later, she was able to return home and begin life anew with her precious baby.

Chana, a grandmother whose life is filled with cultural, educational and volunteer activities, was struck by a car while crossing the road near her home one evening. She was hit so hard, her body flew up and broke the car’s windshield. Surgeries saved her life but rehabilitation took four months. During that time, Chana received blood from three people whose life-giving donations made it possible for her to continue life with her children and grand-children.

Roy’s story begins with his training in an elite military combat unit in the IDF. In 2006, that unit was called into battle against Hezbollah terrorists on Israel’s northern border. He was in and out of battle in several successive operations, performing his duties with bravery and confidence. In the last days of active combat, Roy’s unit was called up one more time to eliminate a terrorist cell embedded in a Lebanese village. In the middle of the night, Roy’s unit came under heavy fire. Other members of the unit were killed, and Roy was seriously wounded. Evacuated to an Israeli hospital, he underwent immediate surgery to save his life. During the surgery, he required 10 units of blood. Today, many years later, Roy continues to express his gratitude to the strangers who gave him the gift of life.

Give the Gift of Life

Photo by Peter Fast

These are just a few of the many stories that could be told of what a sufficient, stable blood supply has meant for the people of Israel. And of course, as the population increases, so does that need, and therefore the cost. Through our Heart to Heart partnership, Christians will be able to help underwrite those growing expenses and make sure that Israel can increase its blood supply, provide increased security for that supply, acquire new equipment, and safely dispatch blood to where it is needed, helping in a significant way to save the lives of the people of Israel.

Through this unique program, your gift will enable Israel’s national blood bank to procure and provide enough blood to save one Israeli life. It may seem like a small amount, but the impact is huge. For Christians who love the nation of Israel and the people who live there, it is but one more way to show support and solidarity.

Photo by Isranet

Jonathan Feldstein, director of the American Friends of Magen David Adom, says, “For people looking for a meaningful way to bless Israel, save lives, and fulfill the biblical mandate of Genesis 12:3, a virtual blood donation is a unique way to accomplish all three goals.”

Won’t you join us in our effort to ensure that Israel has the blood supply and equipment necessary to meet the needs of this incredible, miracle nation? We have all been recipients of the blessings Israel is pouring out on the nations; please help us to ensure that her heart keeps beating!


Rebecca J. Brimmer
International President and CEO

Cheryl L. Hauer
International Development Director