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Cast Your Vote…For God

November 25, 2020
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As I view the political reality of our world, I have increasingly realized how important it is for Christians to take civic responsibility. We are to stand for God and His values in the communities and nations where we live. One way we do this is through our vote. Since I was old enough to vote, I have not missed an important election. Viewing the clash of cultures in our world, it becomes more and more apparent that we are witnesses to a conflict of the ages. God is at work, but those who hate Him and His ways are also waging all-out war. It is time that we firmly position ourselves in God’s camp. Our lives are a vote for God and His ways—or a vote for the opposition.

This year, which has been so tumultuous, has also shown that God’s people are turning to Him. As C.S. Lewis said: “Pain is God’s megaphone to rouse a deaf world.” I believe we are seeing this happen. We see it in every piece of mail, every email and every contribution we receive. Christians are standing with Israel because they recognize that Israel is important to God.

I want to thank you for standing with us, Israel and the God of Israel this year. You have voted for God and His plans for Israel. Together we are making a real difference. As you have given and prayed, the Christian team of Bridges for Peace has taken our responsibility to reach out in love very seriously. 

As part of God’s team in Israel, we listen carefully for His voice, read His Word (our instruction manual) and do everything we can to make sure our actions are pleasing to Him. We have provided food for over 22,000 people each month. We have helped thousands of Jewish people make aliyah (immigrate to Israel). We have continued to help children from underprivileged homes, providing food, laptop computers, tablets, books and supplies. We continued to deliver food to Holocaust survivors, preparing thousands of food parcels, delivering flowers and blankets, running errands and doing everything we can to show love and encouragement. We continued to welcome new immigrants with gifts for their new homes. When they couldn’t come to us, we went to them. We continued to help widows, orphans and single parent households during one of the most difficult years on record. We continued to provide teaching materials and news from Israel to the Christian world.

Each one of these actions was a privilege. Each one of these actions was a vote for God. Each one of these actions was only possible because you and thousands of Christians from all over the world gave and prayed.

In the midst of extreme difficulty, I have chosen to stand with God. Against all odds, when the finances of the world teetered, God has shown Himself faithful to Bridges for Peace. The spiritual battle continues. Now, more than ever, Christians need to stand with God. In Israel, so many Israelis are in difficult situations with over 20% out of work. Frankly, we are overwhelmed with requests. I believe that God’s people will continue to cast a vote for God by blessing Israel. Thank you for your prayer, support and love. Please ask God which project you should support in a year-end offering. As we look ahead into an uncertain future, I am confident of this: the God of Israel will continue to be with us. Our prayer for you is that He will continue to meet all your needs and to protect you and your family as we look forward to 2021 with hope.

Blessing from Israel,

Rebecca J. Brimmer

International President and CEO

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