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A Year of Crisis

Signs of the Times

Jerusalem Goes Wireless

February 1, 2005

As promised, Jerusalem is now wireless. The new Unwire Jerusalem program, which provides free, wireless Internet access in selected public places, was launched in November 2004 at a ceremony at City Hall.

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Iran Successfully Tests “Strategic Missile”

{image_1} TEHRAN, Iran (AP) — Iran added a “strategic missile” to its military arsenal after a successful test, and the defense minister said in September that his country was ready to confront any external threat. The report by state-run radio did not say whether the test involved the previously announced new version of the Shahab-3 rocket, capable of reaching Israel and United States forces stationed in the Middle East, or a different missile.

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Highest Terror Toll Since 1947

{image_1} The number of Israeli civilians killed in terror attacks in the last four years is nearly equal to the number killed by terrorists in the preceding 53 years, Shin Bet (Israeli internal security organization) head Avi Dichter told the Cabinet recently.

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Sea of Galilee in Good Shape

{image_1} The Kinneret (Sea of Galilee), Israel’s largest reservoir, stands fuller and higher than it has been in previous years at this time. The level of the lake is now 210.5 meters (689.6 feet) below sea level—approximately 20 centimeters (7.9 inches) higher than it was last year at this time, and almost four meters (13 feet) higher than two years ago.

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