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Signs of the Times

32 Million Jews Today If Not for Holocaust

August 3, 2009

On Holocaust Memorial Day (April 21), Hebrew University announced that as many as 32 million Jews would be alive today had the Holocaust never happened. Some estimates say there are less than half that many Jews currently alive.

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Russian Roulette with Hamas

{image_1}Russia continues to send mixed signals in its dealings with Hamas. As a member of the Quartet (the UN, the EU, the US, and Russia), Moscow is a signatory to the decision not to have any dealings with Hamas until it fulfills three conditions: recognition of Israel, renouncing terror, and agreeing to be bound by past agreements signed between Israel and the Palestinian Authority.

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Call to Reexamine Two-state Solution

{image_1}An American plan to resolve the Israeli–Palestinian conflict within two years may lead to the establishment of “Hamastan in the West Bank [Judea and Samaria],” Strategic Affairs Minister Moshe Yaalon said during an event at the Washington Institute for Near East Policy. The peace process may take up to five years, Yaalon said, adding that “instant peace” will fail because of realities on the ground. The minister called for a reexamination of some basic assumptions underlying the peace process, including the two-state vision ostensibly being the only viable solution, and the perception that Israel's “occupation” and settlement activity constitute major obstacles for peace.

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Russians Purchase Israeli Drones

purchase of Israeli
drone aircraft is not only the
first sale of military equipment to Russia from the Jewish state, but
is the first acquisition of foreign military technology by the Russians
since 1940

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Israel’s Unemployment on the Rise

20,072 people applied to the Israeli Employment Service
(IES) in March, according to the bureau’s data. February saw
17,830 people apply to the IES, and March of 2008 registered 11,856
applicants. According to the IES, March’s figures set an
all-time high: “The number of people laid off in March
topped,” IES Director-General Yossi Farhi told Ynet. The
bureau’s data also indicated a steady increase in the number
of monthly applicants since the end of 2008, noting that 17,499 people
applied to the IES in December, as opposed to 16,450 in November and
10,688 in October.

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777,400 Children among the Poor

THE NATIONAL INSURANCE INSTITUTE'S poverty report published in January showed worrying trends. While the overall number of people living under the poverty line remained relatively stable, the outlook predicted in the report shows their situation will only get worse.

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Iran – Israel’s Enemy No.1


The Israel defense establishment has announced that the State of Israel is under an “existential threat.” In a report to the defense minister, the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) singled out Iran as “the No. 1 threat the IDF is now preparing for.” Chief of Staff Lieutenant-General Gabi Ashkenazi warned that the near-nuclear capabilities, the existing ballistic aptitude, and terror contacts combine to create the Tehran threat. Iran also recently announced it would be upgrading its military ties with Russia.

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UN Bias Against Israel!


It is amazing how quickly some choose to blame Israel and how sooner or later the accusations have to be withdrawn. In January, an emergency session of the UN Human Rights Council joined with ambassadors from the world’s dictatorships, and even some democracies, to attack Israel for targeting a United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) school.

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Worst Water Crisis

{image_1} Israel is suffering through a brutal water crisis that, if not righted, could lead to permanent damage to the Sea of Galilee and possibly even to water rationing. Uri Schor, spokesperson for the Israel Water Authority, said, “If you take into consideration all the results that we have in [water in] Israel, then Israel was never in such a bad situation.”

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One innocent handshake

{image_1} There are two ways to shake hands in the Arab world. In the regular way, you quickly rub palms while shaking hands, yet, in the warmer way, you place both your palms on the hand you are shaking and hold them there for a long moment. The warm way is meant to symbolize intimate friendship and positive intentions, as well as close familiarity.

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