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Signs of the Times

Captured Hamas Combat Manual Explains Benefits of Human Shields

Human shields on Gaza building preventing IAF strike Throughout Operation Protective Edge, Hamas has continuously used the civilian population of Gaza as human shields. The discovery of a Hamas “Urban Warfare” manual by the IDF (Israel Defense Force) reveals that Hamas’ callous use of the Gazan population was intentional and preplanned. This Hamas urban warfare

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Rampant Media Bias on Israel

CNN headquarters, NY In recent days, Jews in America and throughout the world have begun to protest the rampant anti-Israel bias that we have seen in media coverage of the war in Gaza. This lurid, unbalanced coverage shows an unhealthy obsession with Israel and has prompted some European politicians to speak of Israeli “massacres.” Even

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Aliyah Spurred by European Anti-Semitism

Pro-Palestinian protestors Photo Credit: Boris Niehaus/wikipedia.org The cover of Newsweek, a US news magazine, read “Exodus: Why Europe’s Jews Are Fleeing Once Again.” The opening line was chilling, “The mob howled for vengeance, the missiles raining down on the synagogue walls as the worshippers huddled inside. It was a scene from Europe in the 1930s—except

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Official PA Cartoon Depicts Destruction of Israel

A cartoon in the official PA [Palestinian Authority] daily presents the reconciliation and unity between Fatah and Hamas as a means to destroy Israelis/Jews. Photo credit: palwatch.org Israel is depicted as the head of a snake or worm, wearing a Jewish skull cap with a Star of David on it. The head may be intended

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Alarming Success of Extremist Parties in Europe

The Anti-Defamation League (ADL) has voiced concern at the growing success of extremist parties, including neo-Nazi parties, in the European Parliament elections. The “alarming” results came on the heels of the deadly attack at the Brussels Jewish Museum, in which four people were killed by an unidentified gunman in an attack authorities have described as

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Pope Recognizes “State of Palestine” During West Bank Visit

Shimon Peres, Pope Francis and Mahmoud Abbas at the Vatican Photo by Ashernet BETHLEHEM—The Palestinian bid for an independent state got a boost when Pope Francis described the “good relations between the Holy See and the state of Palestine” after meeting Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas. The Pope also invited both Abbas and Israeli President Shimon

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Anti-Semitic Parties on the Rise in Europe

Anti-Israel march in LondonJacqueline Abromeit/shutterstock.com The rise of far-right politics in Europe reached new heights in the April 7th elections in Hungary when “Jobbik,” the self-professed “radical right-wing” political party which has often been accused of blatant anti-Semitism, won 20.54% of votes, making it the third largest party in the country and the single largest

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Inside Iran Arms Ship: 40 Missiles, 400,000 Bullets

GranDuc/shutterstock.com The Iranian arms ship that was captured by the Israel Navy in March was unloaded in Eilat, and revealed 40 M-302 long-range missiles, as well as 181 22-millimeter mortar shells and 400,000 7.62 bullets. The ship was brought to Israeli territory after [the] elite Navy unit Sheyetet raided it some 1,500 kilometers [932 mi]

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Moldova—Russia’s Next Step?

Could Trans-Dniester follow in the footsteps of Crimea?www.wikipedia.org/Serhio Recently the world watched as Crimea broke away from the Ukraine and was formally annexed to Russia. Nations gave lip service to the defense of Ukraine’s sovereignty over the territory but when it came down to it, Russian actions trumped Western rhetoric. Was this a unique case

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Passing of a Warrior

Ariel “Arik” Sharon February 26, 1928–January 11, 2014 Earlier this year, Ariel Sharon lost the last fight of his life. Bridges for Peace would like to take this opportunity to offer condolences to the people of Israel in the loss of a man who, in many ways, embodied the history of the modern State of

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