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A Sweet Treat at Hanukkah

The season of Hanukkah is filled with special traditions, many involving food. Sufganiyot, or jelly-filled doughnuts, commemorate the miracle of a single day’s supply of oil which kept the Temple’s menorah lit for seven days until more could be prepared. Each year bakeries in Israel vie to see who can make the most interesting or

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A Taste of Morocco

Autumn has arrived in Israel and the cooking reflects the seasonal harvest. This month’s featured recipe provides a taste of flavorful Moroccan–Jewish cuisine—a lamb casserole featuring quince, a fruit that complements the hearty main dish. If quinces are not available in your area, tart apples or pears make good substitutes. Lamb and Quince Casserole Ingredients

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Recipe: Marinated Chicken

During the summer in Israel, it is common to find the grill on and loaded with delicious food. Marinated dark chicken meat is a favorite for grilling because it is juicy and tender.  When the days are hot, grilled chicken is a light protein source as well. Enjoy this quick and easy recipe that everyone

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Limonana, a Refreshing Beverage

When summer heats up in Israel, limonana (frozen mint lemonade) becomes the drink of choice. The combination of lemons and spearmint (nana in Hebrew) is cool and refreshing, even on the hottest of days. Whether served as a slushy blend or over ice, it is the perfect companion to a spot in the shade for

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Kubbeh—Middle Eastern Dumplings

Kubbeh is a type of dumpling usually served in soup throughout the Middle East and Israel. Kubbeh dumplings consist of a dough shell that is filled with seasoned meat. The dumplings are shaped like torpedoes, croquettes or balls. The soup base is comprised of chicken, beef, beet or various vegetable stocks.       The

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A Jerusalem Favorite…Humus

If there’s one food that Israelis love, it is humus! It has even been referred to as “Israeli peanut butter.” There are many recipes and variations, but one thing is for sure, humus is a favorite on the dinner table and served with many meals in Israel. Humus is a tasty garnish for falafel and

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Kugel Anyone?

Photo by pixshots/Shutterstock.com What is a kugel (pronounced: koo guhl)? Basically a kugel is the Israeli version of a casserole often served on Shabbat. Traditionally kugels were made with egg noodles or potatoes. Vegetables can be transformed the European way by making them into a tasty kugel. There are even sweet kugels made with fruit

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Seven Species (Shivat HaMinim) Salad

Grapes The Feast of Tabernacles occurs during the autumn harvest in Israel. The crops are bountiful at this time with ripe fruit and vegetables. This delicious fruit salad recipe incorporates all seven species listed in Deuteronomy 8:7–8: “For the LORD your God is bringing you into a good land, a land of brooks of water,

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Everything Eggplant

A trip to the shuk (open market) in Israel provides an abundance of fresh produce to make recipes full of flavor and nutrition. Eggplant catches the eye with its beautiful aubergine or purple color. It comes in a variety of shapes and sizes. Delicious produce is a reminder to: “…taste and see that the Lord

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Milk and Honey for the Soul

In the pre-dawn darkness of Shavuot morning, thousands of people begin their annual pilgrimage through Jerusalem’s shadowy streets to the Western Wall (Kotel). Most of the people gathered at the Kotel have stayed up all night studying Torah (Gen.–Deut.) and reading the book of Ruth. Shavuot means “weeks.” Seven weeks (49 days) are counted from

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