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War in Gaza

{image_1} In late December, a six-month truce between Hamas and Israel came to an end. Throughout the “truce,” Hamas continually launched missiles into southern Israeli communities. When Hamas leader Khaled Mashaal stated that Hamas would not renew the truce and would continue the armed struggle, Israel decided it must deal militarily with the continued strikes against Israeli civilian targets.

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Israeli Leaders Respond to Truce Collapse

{image_1} “That is a declaration of war, this is a declaration of intentions, that means that they are going to pursue bombings and rocket shootings and so on, and obviously there will be a reaction [by Israel].”

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Arab Response to the US Economic Crisis…

{image_1} “The enemies of Islam are facing a crushing defeat, which is beginning to manifest itself in the expanding crisis their economy is experiencing…[They are] turning their backs on Allah’s revealed laws, which forbid interest-bearing transactions, exploitation, greed and injustice in all its forms.”

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From Islamic Hamas…

{image_1} “Jerusalem will be retrieved to the Palestinians not through negotiations or by hugging and kissing the enemy, but by way of jihad, blood, shahids [martyrs], and resistance. With Allah’s help, Jerusalem will be returned…The Israeli–Arabs are safeguarding the Al-Aqsa Mosque; it is as if they are inside the belly of a whale. They represent the Islamic nation.”

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From Warmongering Hizbullah…

{image_1} Hizbullah’s secretary-general continues his psychological warfare against Israel. Hassan Nasrallah said that “Hizbullah is still at war with Israel,” warning supporters that “at the moment the enemy feels we are weak, it will return to occupy us.” Nasrallah stressed that even if Lebanon receives control of the Shebaa Farms, his organization will continue to battle Israel. “We are not using Shebaa as an excuse to bear weapons. If the area is freed, the weapons will remain because we are talking about a defensive strategy against a threatening country such as Israel,” he said.

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From Nuclear-producing Iran…

{image_1} Another world war will erupt if Israel or the United States attacks Iran, the Islamic Republic’s deputy Chief of Staff General Masoud Jazayeri warned: “Any aggression against Iran will start a world war.” Global Zionism and America’s unrestrained greed he said is leading the world towards a dangerous precipice. “It is evident that if such a challenge occurs, the fake and artificial regimes will be eliminated before anything,” he said.

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Iran Won’t “Retreat One Iota”!

{image_1}Iran’s president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has said his country would not “retreat one iota” in its nuclear activities. In his first reaction to a new call by envoys from the United States, the European Union, and the United Nations for Tehran to end uranium enrichment within two weeks or face possible new sanctions, the hard-line leader said: “The Iranian people are steadfast” and they “will not retreat one iota in the face of oppressing powers.”

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Hamas Successfully Rearming

{image_1} Shin Bet Director Yuval Diskin painted a bleak picture of recent occurrences in Gaza and East Jerusalem during a government meeting. “Since the ceasefire began, four tons of explosives have been transferred into the Strip for Hamas, as well as 50 anti-tank missiles, light arms, and materials for Kassam manufacture—metal rods and gunpowder,” he said. “Most of the smuggling is taking place by land, through tunnels. Hamas has taken control of the tunnels in the area. There is Egyptian action aimed to prevent the smuggling, but there have been no special reports lately.”

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Hamas Demands 1,000 for Shalit

{image_1}Gilad Shalit, a young Israeli soldier, was kidnapped in August of 2006 and is being held captive at an undisclosed location while Hamas negotiates with Israel for 1,000 Palestinian prisoners in exchange for his release.

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One-State Solution?

{image_1}Ahmed Qurei, who heads Palestinian negotiators in US-brokered talks with Israel, told Fatah party loyalists behind closed doors that a two-state solution could be achieved only if Israel met their demands to withdraw from all “occupied” land.

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